We understand the GDPR challenge faced by organisations like yourselves.

Whilst technology is a critical element, it is not the single solution.

Organisations cannot become compliant by buying a certain firewall or installing the latest software and one reason for this is that GDPR also covers paper records and not just electronic data.

This leads us to ask the question are you overlooking things such as;

  • business cards at the back of the draw
  • shipping notes in the corner of the warehouse
  • box files of invoices
  • expense reports and receipts in the HR filing cabinet
  • marketing teams subscription to a database

The GDPR requires a whole organisation approach to managing data which includes governance, process and then security.

CAE is supporting organisations like yours on their GDPR journey.  We are delivering a rapid, low cost, high value service to them which enables them to fully understand where they are against the published regulations in terms of policies, procedures and technology.

Should you have concerns about being GDPR ready then we can offer you full support and advice in helping you get there along with providing a gap analysis of what needs to be carried out.

Agility Insight – GDPR

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