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Our Difference


Complete visibility, actionable intelligence. Knowledge is power, when you’re powered by CAE Labs.


A good decision makes a good day.

Base it on data you can trust.

At CAE, we don’t do guesswork: everything we do is built on intelligence. From asset discovery to strategy and transformation, we gather the data we need to inform the best next step.

But the decisions you make are only as good as your data. So our CAE Labs team have developed unique tools like Network Intelligence, which you won’t find anywhere else, to make sure your intelligence is up to the job. We’ll ensure that you’re always informed, with real-time, accurate and useful reporting that’s instantly available at your fingertips.

Combined with the unsurpassed knowledge and experience of our expert team, and your own understanding of your business needs and objectives, CAE’s Network Intelligence service is the key to the best decisions you’ll make.


Network Intelligence: Smart solutions for Cisco and Meraki infrastructures

Simple and powerful. In partnership with Cisco, we’ve developed a unique Network Intelligence service, giving you complete visibility of the lifecycle and operational health of your Cisco and Meraki infrastructure assets. 

Take full control of your assets, from a single screen. Network Intelligence provides the means to take control of support cover, asset lifecycle management, software vulnerabilities and security alerts, all in one place. All the data you need is easily accessible in real time, using a simple, user-friendly dashboard. 

  • Install base management: inventory or asset management, contract coverage
  • Lifecycle alert reporting: hardware and software alerts as well as field notices
  • Security alert reporting: vulnerability threats, using CVSS
  • Actionable operational intelligence: data for better budgeting and operational
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Improved intelligence, better results

Like everything we do, our Network Intelligence service is informed by our users. Through engagement with hundreds of customer deployments, and continual customer feedback regarding additional value, we’ve honed our product to make it as useful and user-friendly as possible. And our customers have recognised the benefits:

  • Increased operational efficiency and focus, so you have more resources to devote to your business
  • Improved operational governance and risk management, so you can identify potential issues and deal with them, fast
  • Improved asset lifecycle management, ensuring optimal resilience and reliability for your assets
  • Increased budgeting awareness, for potential cost saving opportunities
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Cost savings for you, carbon emission savings for the planet

Energy costs can be crippling, so it’s vital to reduce power waste wherever possible. WiserWatts lets you significantly reduce the energy consumed by your network infrastructure with no loss of functionality - so you can have more good days as a business.

Intelligent energy saving is also good news for your decarbonisation strategy and aids in achieving the target in place by the business. While you are saving money by reducing your kWh consumption, you can improve your sustainability credentials and work towards compliance with energy-saving guidelines and regulations.


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