CAE Carbon Reduction Plan 


A message from the CEO and CCDO

We at CAE, believe that together we can create a better future for the new generations by leaving behind us a green technology footprint in everything we do.

To achieve this, we must continuously look at ways to improve our environmental impacts by reducing our own direct and indirect carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Our experience with the ISO 14001:2015 environmental management certification made us realise how environmental issues were embedded in the solutions provided to our customers as well as the actions to continuously improve our system towards the reduction of our carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions.

We acknowledge the carbon dioxide emissions generated through the delivery of our services, and as a signatory of the government’s Net Zero emissions and the UN framework Absolute Zero by 2050, CAE has committed to set a common target to reduce its carbon emissions gradually by 25% every five years to contribute to the government's Net Zero scheme and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

And it is with real pleasure that we will accompany this Carbon Management Plan to its final destination by providing a strategic plan towards meeting the aspirational Net Zero emissions by 2025. It will also pave the path for a long-term programme of action to meet future targets under the Climate Change Act 2008 to achieve a cut in emissions by at least 70% by 2050.

Foreword from the Net Zero Scheme

In 2019 the UK Government amended the Climate Change Act 20081 by introducing a target of at least a 100% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions2 (compared to 1990 levels) in the UK by 2050. This is otherwise known as the ‘Net Zero’ target.

The Climate Change Act introduced legally binding carbon budgets which set a ceiling on the level of UK GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions and to meet these budgets we have to collectively reduce our total emissions.

The Government recognises that for organisations to take action to reduce their emissions they must have the appropriate tools and guidance. Measuring the GHG emissions is the first step to effectively managing them.

Our UNFCC Race to Zero Pledge

As a business, inspired by Net Zero International, we commit to the following:

  1. For our company to achieve Net Zero in line with the Science Based targets set out by the UNFCCC3 i.e., to achieve Net Zero no later than 2040 and target a 50% reduction in emissions by 2030. This is 10 years ahead of our legal commitments.
  2. To set realistic short and longer-term targets that are designed to achieve our Net Zero commitments.
  3. To report our business's total Greenhouse Gas emissions regularly and for our performance to be part of Future Net Zero’s and CBN Expert’s annual reporting back to the UNFCCC.

We acknowledge that our commitment will be reported on Future Net Zero.

To read our full Carbon Management Report 2022, download it below: 


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