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Professional Services

From strategy to reality – project delivery powered by innovation; perfected by people

It's what makes us different

On time, on budget and on point.

Our Professional Services bring together a combination of resources that specialise in making the complex simple when it comes to getting the job done.

Project Management - A people and process perspective

When you are accountable for a piece of delivery so are we. We know you have entrusted us with your reputation to deliver a project and we care about that deeply. Best practice comes from a number of sources, primarily Prince II, but not restricted by an outlook, which instead is discussed and agreed with you so that the right balance is found between managing risk and specific project requirements.

Our Project Management resources cover the day to daydelivery as well as program delivery that has experience of National Critical Infrastructure and multi-country global roll outs.

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Taking the nightmare out of logistics

Time, space and money are all potential complications in any piece of delivery; with even the smallest requirement posing the biggest challenge sometimes.

That’s why our logistics and configuration teams love their jobs and love the detail.

This is what gives our service the personalised touch on a global scale. From our headquarters hub in the UK we are able to fully manage delivery with storage and clean room configuration on site, bringing in commercial expertise for international shipping, including an additional logistics capability in the Netherlands (whatever you think about Brexit we know it won’t stop us doing our job).

An approach from A to B to Z

From taking on the initial design, our resources are deployed to complement yours so that every phase of delivery is approached consistently, with every handover managed to best share knowledge and keep the communication constant.

Configuration, test and install get devoted attention and a project can be handed over into your business usual or our Managed Service, with a level of detail that aims to answer every question before it is even asked.

Stop counting the days

Our joint project outcomes are measured on different numerous criteria for success that moves the emphasis from days, to productive use of time and user-based achievement of adoption. 

This requires better planning and understanding of what is actually important – whether the scope of the implementation is physically big or small we know that it is impact that is the true measure.

Projects powered by CAE Labs introduce automation in order to minimise the number of days on site, keeping both cost and disruption to a minimum.

Fulfilment – Done

That moment when the project is signed off, the sponsors expectations are met and we know that we did the best job together. That is a good day and the perfect opportunity to get together a celebrate another successful engagement.



Problem solved, with CAE professional services

The success of a project depends on who’s involved. And at CAE, with access to a professional services team with a wide range of specialisms, you can be sure that you always have the right person for the job.

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