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 Support Services

A human voice, a safe pair of hands for exactly when you need it – keeping your Technology on Point

Technology support, on point

This is not just support by a standard definition, this is support that offers more, delivers differently and gives you a better experience.

 You know you have an issue and what you want to know is that there is somebody there for you to help deliver a resolution; quickly and accurately.

When you just need a reactive response to achieve a fix our support services are designed to encompass whatever you need, wherever the issue is, whenever the call comes in.

This means global availability, 24/7, with a person always there to take you step by step to a resolution, which includes manufacturer channels for that extra peace of mind.

People, Process, Technology

When you know exactly what you want and simplicity is the primary consideration, support services ensure that you can turn that issue back to a good day. With outstanding levels of customer service, purposeful processes, and just the right level of communication so that you can let your users have those updates that they crave.

Whether it is hardware, software or a user challenge we have the Services team ready, willing and able to lend their expertise, with empathy, so that a fix is not only achieved quickly, but leaves a feeling of fulfilment, knowing that you had the right support to get your business back on track.


People, process, technology reversed

The powered by proposition

If you need that bit more, Support Services can be powered by CAE Labs, bringing in the intelligence to better understand your infrastructure and speeding up resolution by already having the answer to the inevitable, is the device on the latest software question.

This is just the start of moving a service from reactive to proactive and building towards a Managed Service that allows you to do so much more.

Supporting you, whatever you need

Get a fast resolution, and get on with your day, with seamless technology support from CAE.

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