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Network Intelligence

Complete visibility, actionable intelligence.

A good decision makes a good day. Base it on data you can trust

What is Network Intelligence?

A single lens dashboard that gives you complete visibility of the infrastructure health and lifecycle of your Cisco and Meraki assets. In partnership with Cisco and powered by our in-house CAE Labs innovation team, this simple and easy to use platform gives concise visibility of software, hardware and licensing along with benchmarking for performance and health.

Network Intelligence gives you the ability to take control. From regular maintenance reporting and support cover, to software vulnerabilities and security alerts all in one, simple to use dashboard. Highlighting potential risks improves risk management and assistance with initiative and budget planning.

Book a demo with our team to see the value of Network Intelligence for yourself. After your demo, we can set Network Intelligence up on your system completely remotely all in under 30 minutes.


Book a Network Intelligence Demo

Network-Intelligence-Icon-01All in under 30 seconds

In less than 30 seconds Cisco Meraki can join Network Intelligence using a read-only API key or for Cisco EN we can access you remotely and deploy the Cisco Smart Collector. Giving you up to 12 available widgets – all providing you with actionable insights.

Benefits of Network Intelligence

  • Identify hardware that is not covered by an SLA
  • Improved risk management
  • Highlight potential operational risks and vulnerabilities
  • Continuous health checks and maintenance reporting
  • Initiative and budget planning assistance
  • YoY & MoM benchmarking performance
  • Monthly snapshot report emailed directly to you and your team

Get live alerts for when things don’t go to plan

Network Intelligence focuses on four key challenges that alert you based on real-time data; install base management, lifecycle alert reporting, security alert reporting and actionable operational intelligence. 

Why choose Network Intelligence?

Network Intelligence has been designed by CAE Labs innovation in partnership with Cisco. We work closely with our customers to understand what enables them to have more good days. Network Intelligence is the simple and effective way to monitor your IT infrastructure. The single lens dashboard also offers:

  • Improved operational governance and risk management
  • Improved asset lifecycle management
  • Increased budgeting awareness