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What we do

Networking Solutions

Simple, smart and secure. Build a network infrastructure that can grow with your business, analyse traffic trends and react intelligently to threats.

Network connectivity that responds to your changing needs

Business growth leads to network growth. A bigger network often means more complexity. So, with every device, user, location and workload you add, you’re asking more of your network – and your network manager.

To keep your business agile and efficient, you need a network that’s easy to scale and simple to manage.

Here’s how CAE can help.

  • Software-defined and cloud managed networking solutions to simplify the network
  •  Reliable wireless networking solutions, designed and validated by CAE
  •  On-premise and multi-cloud capability, to support your business
  •  Network infrastructure security you can rely on
  •  Intelligent network analytics, for valuable data insights and automation

Software-defined networking solutions to simplify the network

Setting up an on-premise, enterprise class SDN requires expert knowledge, but once deployed it offers advanced security, simple operations and scalability. This simplicity can make your business more agile and provide significant savings in management time and cost.

Cloud based SDN solutions are significantly simpler to deploy while offering many of the benefits of on premise SDN when it comes to operations and security.

Wireless-Security-ReversedReliable wireless networking solutions, designed and validated by CAE

Wi-Fi feels ubiquitous and simple, but as a business there is a lot to consider when building your own wireless networks.

Wireless can give teams more flexibility and improve productivity, but it also introduces security risks. And if your wireless network isn’t reliable, easy to manage, and ready to scale with your business, you may not be getting the most from your investment.

Having an expert partner like CAE will help you to assess your wireless networking needs, so you can really add value to your business, whether that’s by supporting IoT, hyperlocation services or staying connected even in high-density environments.

On premise and multi-cloud capability, to support your workload

Connecting to multiple cloud services can increase network complexity and brings performance and resilience challenges to the network. Our experts can help you figure out the right approach, taking into account your future needs and the future plans of cloud providers.

Delivering reliable networking solutions, every time

Our network connectivity services are built around a deep understanding of exactly what works, with one eye firmly on future developments in networking technology.  Our robust software platform is designed to support your network infrastructure, providing secure connectivity you can rely on. 

Network infrastructure security you can rely on

We all know cybersecurity risk is growing. Network security encompasses many different kinds of threat. Each needs to be addressed with expert support and a specific technology solution.

Intelligent network analytics, for valuable data insights and automation

When you understand how your network is really used – its busiest times of day, its most frequent issues, and so on – you can optimise performance, analyse trends to predict and avoid issues, detect anomalies and reduce management effort. That’s network analytics, and businesses of all sizes are using it to extract valuable insights about their network traffic. 

Today’s network analytics use machine learning and AI to constantly update the model it compares data against. This means the network can learn from its experiences to respond to things like security threats, demand spikes and create an overall better user experience. With the right partner it could cut the daily, stressful fire-fighting your network teams have to undertake.

Our networking solutions in a nutshell 

When it comes to your network, our experts are here to help.
Get bespoke, network connectivity services to support and enhance your business performance, from the specialist professionals at CAE.

Networking solutions from CAE

Simple, smart, secure.

Build an infrastructure that scales with your business, can analyse traffic trends and react intelligently to threats with help from the specialists at CAE.

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