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What we do

Data Centre

It’s the key cornerstone of your transformation journey. The modern data centre has evolved - we’ll help you evolve with it

Transform your infrastructure to streamline your journey to the cloud

Your data centre is home to your organisation’s most valuable and critical assets.

And while its role has evolved, it’s still a key foundation of any organisation’s transformation journey.

At CAE, we’ll help you address the challenges of managing a modern data centre while moving to the cloud. We’ll undertake detailed assessments to help you understand the right approach and pace of change, and which technologies are best suited to your needs.

You still need a secure and reliable system that will keep your data safe. And with flexibility and automation built in, our modern data centre solutions are designed to make life easier, reducing operational costs, simplifying operations and reacting fast to new needs and opportunities.

Secure, simplify and streamline your data centre infrastructure, with CAE.

  •   Software-defined data centre
  •   Data storage and management
  •   Data centre networks
  •   Data protection (backup and disaster recovery)
  •   Data centre automation

Software defined data centre

Evolution, not revolution.

Moving to the cloud doesn’t need to mean saying goodbye to the data centre. It does mean, however, that your data centre needs to adapt and evolve.

Underpinning vital workloads, applications and edge-to-cloud data, your data centre infrastructure remains critical to the success of your business. But as technology progresses, it’s important that the modern data centre is flexible, reliable and agile, to meet new IT challenges as they arise.

Enter the software defined data centre.

With virtualised computing, storage and networking technologies that are easy to manage and control, the software defined data centre is an agile resource that’s efficient and cost-effective.

At CAE, our experts will work with you to choose the right technologies to fulfil your data centre strategy effectively.
Be it public cloud, private cloud, hyperconverged or converged, we’ll help you identify the right blend of flexibility, scalability and reliability for your workloads, applications and operations.

Need to reduce capital outlay? Our software-defined data centre services include pay-as-you-use options.



CAE icons for web_Data centre reversedNot completely ready for the cloud? That's OK, talk to us about hybrid cloud

The hybrid cloud allows you to place different applications and data in different places - choosing between on-premises data centre infrastructures and the cloud. It’s an agile, flexible solution that combines the best of both traditional and cloud systems.

Hybrid cloud can be complex - so that’s where CAE come in.
With years of experience working in the hybrid cloud, we’ll help you make the right choices to optimise your resources and maximise return on investment. We can also work with you to create a network and connectivity strategy to support your success.

Understand the benefits

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

HCI combines everything in one place. It’s an appliance-based architecture with a cloud-like on-premise experience. You can use it to deploy and scale your data centre infrastructure quickly and easily.

With your server, storage and network all in one place, hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is a streamlined, software-defined solution that’s scalable, reliable, and easy to manage.


Simple Architecture - Easier to Manage

With your server, storage and network all in one place, hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is a streamlined, software-defined solution that’s scalable, reliable, and easy to manage.

Increased efficiency, lower TCO

HCI delivers a cloud-like on-premises experience, with automation to replace manual processes, siloed operational expertise and dynamic management of resources. 


Ability to Scale

Appliance-based architecture for non-disruptive scale of infrastructure resources quickly and consistently. And you can use it to deploy and scale your data centre infrastructure easily, to meet your changing business requirements.

Understand the benefits

Converged Infrastructure

Converged infrastructure simplifies IT operations through full-stack deployment of server, networking, storage, virtualisation and data protection infrastructure as integrated systems or validated architectures. CI can handle everything from business-critical workloads, to sensitive data and crucial applications.

Need to reduce capital outlay? Our software-defined data centre services include pay-as-you-use options.


Greater Consistency - Reduced Risk

Full-stack deployment of server, networking, storage, virtualisation and data protection infrastructure as integrated systems or validated architectures. Reduce the complexity of your data centre, streamline data centre management eliminating the need for IT to have expertise in products from multiple vendors.


More Flexibility

Reduce the complexity of your data centre, with converged infrastructure (CI) for increased efficiency. Are you looking for a consolidated data centre solution that’s more flexible and easier to manage than a traditional, multi-vendor infrastructure? Converged Infrastructure is the answer. 


Business Critical

Converged infrastructure can handle everything from business-critical workloads, to sensitive data and crucial applications. Giving you the full benefits of converged, with reliability as standard. 

Data storage and management

Information is a valuable asset. Make sure you get the best out of it.

The amount of data held by every organisation is growing exponentially. So it’s important to have a data storage solution that will remain reliable as the volume of your data increases.
Here at CAE, we’ll help you use your data capital – the value of the data you create and own – by building the right data storage and management strategy. We’ll work with you to ensure that you can capitalise fully on your digital assets, through software-driven storage for automation, security and control, and storage platform insights for the analytics you need to optimise IT operations.

Unstructured data

Information is a critical business asset, and the rapidly expanding volume of data creates challenges for modern organisations. Typically, around 80% of your data is unstructured, driven by file and object-based workloads such as digital media, research data and business intelligence.

Simple management is vital and can be achieved with software defined scale out architectures designed for high volumes of data.

But that’s just half the challenge. It’s also vital to protect your data from theft and loss.

At CAE, we are experienced at helping businesses to manage their unstructured data. We’ll help you implement a strategy to consolidate, virtualise, and manage stored data, transforming it into an accessible resource for your organisation.

Digital preservation

Keep your data safe and secure, for today, and the future.

Do you have historical content that you need to archive? Our digital preservation solutions are appropriate for data that needs to be retained for at least 10 years and protected from change or deletion.

A centralised digital preservation solution built on a scalable data storage platform can help you preserve and ensure access to digital archives while increasing the cost efficiency of managing them.

Here at CAE, we understand that digital preservation is more than long term storage and archiving. Our team will work with you in an informal, consultative way, to create reliable, futureproof and scalable data preservation solutions.

Data migration services

As the volume of your data grows, how will you manage it?
This is a complex challenge. You need to decide how to relocate or consolidate large volumes of data to new destinations - perhaps from traditional to modern storage platforms, or from on-premises to the public cloud. Large-scale data migration projects are complex, time-consuming, and fraught with risk.
CAE’s proven data migration approach can provide a solution. With disciplined planning and an all-in-one data management platform, we offer a risk-reduced and effective way to move large data sets efficiently - whether it’s in the cloud, hybrid or on-premises.

Primary storage

Where does your data reside, and how is it managed and protected?

The right primary storage platform will address these questions.

You need a continuous, modern storage system to power your business-critical workloads and data; using platforms that can support a wide variety of database, cloud and traditional applications.

As part of a wider end-to-end data centre strategy, the experts at CAE will help your organisation to adopt a modern primary storage strategy to accelerate innovation and enable business growth. We’ll demonstrate how automation and cloud-based operational insights can help you achieve superior performance, obtain predictive analytics, manage organisation risk and control your costs for operational efficiency.

Data centre networks

As your data centre expands, the scope and complexity of your network can grow. Can your network cope?

At CAE, we will provide you with a data centre network that adapts quickly to changing circumstances. Your network will offer automation, scale and consistency across both on-premise and public cloud instances.

With centrally managed, software-defined network solutions, we'll deliver improved network security, enhanced visibility and greater agility when requirements change.

We are here to help you ensure your network delivers both now and in the future.

Data protection

The value and importance of your data can’t be understated.

With crucial data and apps underpinning your business operations, any downtime could mean both revenue loss and damage to your reputation.

And with new cyber security threats such as ransomware, combined with an increase in risk from multi-cloud environments and more employees logging in remotely, it’s never been more vital to manage your data and protect it against attacks.

Your business needs a robust data protection and resilience strategy to keep your data protected and provide a roadmap to fast recovery, minimising any potential disruption to your business.

Here at CAE, we can help. As experts in data protection solutions, we can offer fully managed data protection services, including backup as a service (BaaS) and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS).

CAE icons_Data centre

CAE icons for web_Data centre reversedMulti-cloud data protection 

Data protection is complex in itself. Managing and protecting data across virtual, traditional, cloud-native and public clouds takes that complexity to a whole new level.

Finding the right balance of efficiency, operational effectiveness and complexity, while leveraging the benefits of the multi-cloud environment is a big challenge.

At CAE, we’ll help you consider everything from data backup and recovery, through to secure and compliant data protection solutions for effective management. We’ll ensure that you can leverage the benefits of automation for faster recovery, and protect your cloud-based workloads.

Protect your data across all environments, with the experts at CAE.

Backup and recovery, powered-by Novus NSure

Can you afford the risk that comes with backing up your data to an onsite network? Attackers gaining access to your onsite data could wipe your server, spelling disaster for your business.

With Novus NSure, the offsite cloud backup solution, you can protect your data safely and compliantly from malicious attacks.

Novus NSure - data centre page

Data centre automation

Data centre automation makes life easier for you. With no intervention required, you’ll free up time and resources to focus on other business-critical operations.

Automation and software-defined technologies go hand in hand. To realise the true value of software-defined networks, software-defined storage and software-defined infrastructure, you’ll need to embrace automation, using the latest tools.

The benefits? You’ll eliminate resource siloes, and streamline your data centre, enabling repetitive tasks to be securely executed by code, and any changes or improvements to be delivered quickly and accurately.

Taking it to the next level, you can achieve further levels of business process automation with CAE. Speak to our team about integrating your applications, infrastructure and workloads into your business processes to drive productivity, optimise value from investments and improve user experiences.

Data centre solutions, digested

At CAE we’ll help you define and deliver your data centre strategy. 

With a secure infrastructure designed to protect your valuable data, and automation to make life easier, we’ll help you find the solution for your business.

Fill out the form or call us on 08456 430 033 to discuss your data centre needs.