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Our People

Belonging is part of who we are; it's what makes us unique

This is Belonging 

At CAE,  we're not searching for people that fit our culture, we are searching for people to add to it.

Belonging isn't about 'fitting in', it’s about accepting every single person for who they are.  

We are not beginning our journey, we are continuing it. Lets get comfortable being uncomfortable.  

CAE career success stories

Our people discuss their CAE journey

loving your job, working together & doing it different at CAE

Oyinda Olatunde - CAE Apprentice

Oyinda has been at CAE for two years and has always had a passion for technology, but what's next for our technology apprentice?

Paul Miller - Senior Presales Engineer

Paul joined CAE through a chance meeting with our CEO at the Prince's Trust. From apprenticeship to engineer, watch Paul's CAE journey.

Adam Wilbraham - Project Coordinator

Adam is now our Project Coordinator, but he actually joined CAE as part of our sales team. So how did Adam get there?

What our people say about being part of CAE...

Our new people

Get ready to meet our new people...

They felt so passionate about sharing their first experience of CAE, they wanted to tell you all about it!

Meet Lauren

Lauren loves events, but she also loves working at CAE. Find out more about why Lauren loves doing what she does!

Meet Will

Full of ambition, Will talks to us about what he loves about his job, and his initial impressions of CAE were.

60 seconds with Priyanka

Our new Sales Ledger Administrator Priyanka, tells us why she joined CAE and her first impressions.

Ready to join us?

Join the team

At CAE, you’ll find amazing people, a fantastic culture and incredible opportunities.

By believing in Culture First, we believe in the combined strength of our people, in every discipline, to manage the competing interests of everything outside our control and trust that it’s our approach that will deliver the best outcomes for the long term.

Our culture allows us to adapt and face any situation in the knowledge that by being authentic, our customers, partners and the wider community will see that delivering against our purpose is directly responsible for helping their success.

What makes us unique is the way in which we do things.

What defines the way we do things is our culture.

This is what makes us Culture First.

Take a look at our current vacancies, and everything else we have to offer

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