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Our Commitment

To our planet, to our society, and the prosperity of all.

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Change is not just inevitable, but vital.

The world has changed. People want to be a part of something worthwhile, get behind something they can relate to, and something they believe in. Our choices impact not only our bottom line but also the planet and the communities we operate in. At CAE, we do our work the right way, according to our values, and with great care for our people, our customers, our partners, and the world around us.

CARE, our sustainability strategy, is inspired by our purpose - To transform people's experiences and lives, through technology. Together with digitisation, our contributions and sustainability efforts are central to our purposeful growth agenda.


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Our Contribution

Minor moves, major shifts. Learn more about our continuous efforts to a sustainable future.

CRN Sustainability in Tech Awards 2024

The CRN Sustainability in Tech Awards recognise the outstanding achievements of the IT channel and the technology industry in driving positive environmental and social change.

A Partnership for the Future

How CAE and Cisco helped Wrexham County Borough Council achieve their digital and sustainability goals.

Business Energy Savings

There are numerous actions you can take to make a difference. In this article, we will outline the top five actionable energy-saving tips for businesses.

Our multi-dimensional strategy

To make a difference, we've developed our 2030+ CARE Ambition Framework to encompass multiple dimensions with the flexibility to evolve.

Regenerative planet icon reversedRegenerative Planet

We want to enable a net-zero carbon and circular future by transforming our business, products and services underpinned by science and innovation.

Thriving community icon reversedThriving Communities

We want to help people lead a better life through collective strength of our business and brands we work with by supporting equity, education and wellbeing.

Trusted partnerships icon reversedTrusted Partner

We want to drive performance and systems change with integrity through our values-based culture, deep-rooted in science and our passion for technology.

UN Sustainable Development goals

We believe in the power of responsible business practices to enact real change. Our commitment to sustainability is integrated into our operations, reflecting our pledge to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


At CAE we advocate Belonging. This is a move beyond traditional diversity and inclusion quotas to accept people for who they are, no matter their ethnicity, gender, faith, economic status or neurodiversity. We look for people who will add to our culture, not just fit with our culture.


At CAE we advocate Belonging. This is a move beyond traditional diversity and inclusion quotas to accept people for who they are, no matter their ethnicity, gender, faith, economic status or neurodiversity. We look for people who will add to our culture, not just fit with our culture.


We have taken significant steps towards clean energy by installing solar panels at our Head office in Hemel Hempstead and our Northern Hub in Warrington. This initiative not only reduces our carbon footprint but also generates almost 50% of the energy needed to run our operations.


Innovation is at the heart of our business. By installing additional electric vehicle (EV) chargers at our Hemel Head Office (we now have 19 chargers in Hemel and 2 in Warrington) and promoting the use of energy-efficient office spaces, we are paving the way for a smarter and more sustainable future.


Our commitment to the planet is evident in our everyday choices. From reusing coffee grounds in local community gardens to adopting a 'Second-Hand September' approach, we are dedicated to responsible consumption. We also focus on reducing electronic waste by encouraging the use of dual SIM phones and optimising laptop usage.


Our actions speak to our dedication to climate, and have already lowered our carbon emissions by 37% since our baseline year, and we are on target to achieve 50% reduction by 2030 and be net zero by 2040. CAE offsets its existing carbon footprint through Gold standard offset schemes run and monitored by our partner Ecologi. 


We are dedicated to preserving our planet's biodiversity. Initiatives like our Tree Planting Programme and 'Bee the Change' project, which includes planting bee-friendly lavender, contribute to this cause.



The CAE Foundation was created to match the longevity of our business with the long term outlook for our Just Cause: ‘to eliminate digital exclusion by bringing solutions to people and places experiencing digital poverty.

We achieve our purpose by inspiring and developing people, creating intimacy and sharing expertise. Our purpose can make a difference to every aspect of our business and to everyone who comes in contact with us.

The Foundation is not about just handing over donations to worthy causes, but establishing partnerships where we know we are having a direct impact on addressing instances of digital exclusion.

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First Days Children's Charity

Working with First Days Children's Charity, we are able to help make a difference to the everyday lives of children and their families from disadvantaged backgrounds and with learning difficulties.
everton in the community

Everton in the Community

Working with Everton in the Community we made a positive impact for their Veterans and Care home programmes helping those with no access to the internet to be able to search and apply for work, access skills training and keep in touch family. We have also played a role in their e-steam robotics programme teaching coding skills across local schools.


Working with One YMCA, 150+ residents of Charter House will have a dedicated computer suite giving them access to the same resources and facilities as their peers as they develop and progress towards employment and independent living.

Alliances play a decisive role in driving sustainability in our value chain and beyond. We help our customers to reduce their ecological footprint and to use resources responsibly. We work together with our suppliers to promote sustainable practice and respect for human rights, and we cooperate with partners to share knowledge and drive systemic solutions forward together.

Solutions, products and technologies are at the heart of everything we do. We create more value for our customers by constantly innovating to offer better performance with a reduced ecological footprint.

People are the focal point of our business and our sustainability-related activities. This includes our people, who contribute to sustainable development – through their expertise in daily work and in their private lives. It also includes the people in our supply chain, our customers, our vendors and the communities we operate in.

External partnerships

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Net Zero International

Experts in carbon management measurement and reduction strategies.



Being transparent in delivering carbon avoidance and carbon removal activities to drive positive carbon impact.


Social Value Portal

The social impact company that prevents 'greenwashing' and bring rigour to the way we measure, manage, and report social value.

Our impact

As of January 2024, CAE is a Carbon Neutral company!

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Each step is a stride towards reducing our carbon footprint, join us, as we write the next chapter in our sustainability story.

To learn more, download our Carbon Reduction Plan.

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"Since 2021 we have been developing our sustainability strategy – how can we be faster, bolder, and go further?  We want to drive the sustainability transformation towards a regenerative planet and thriving communities, acting as a trusted partnership.  We pushed ourselves to define our roadmap beyond our 2025 targets and shape new ambitions for 2030 and beyond.

 Looking forward, we are well prepared: sustainability is deeply anchored in our business strategy, culture and alive in our purpose.  With that foundation, our sustainable transformation continues, forever seeking out the next frontier.”

Richard Behan

Rich Behan




Working together, small actions can make a big difference

We believe that by working together, we can make a meaningful impact. We encourage everyone to participate in these efforts and to take individual actions as well as to bringing people together for a punchy impact.

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We will actively drive the transformation to a sustainable economy and society, help to protect and regenerate the natural environment, contribute to strong communities and to strengthen trust with our stakeholders.