Information is a critical business asset and the rapidly expanding volume of data creates challenges for modern organisations. Typically, around 80% of your data is unstructured, driven by file-based workloads such as digital media, research data and business intelligence.

CAE are here to help. We understand that digital preservation is more than long term storage and archiving. Our team will work with you in an informal, consultative way using our experience to ensure you have actionable intelligence to help create an effective strategy for your data.



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Our essential guide to digital preservation and data storage: What to consider and why it matters.

  • What is digital preservation?
  • How to protect your data
  • The data trends you need to know
  • Why you should consider long term storage demands
  • Learn from other successful digital preservation projects
  • Essential Digital Preservation checklist
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What are the challenges?

Keeping your digital materials safe, secure and protected while providing availability and access to users can be challenging. Along with actively managing and safeguarding current files, the increasing volume and complexity of newly produced digital data requires storage to be scaled out – fast. Get it wrong and your organisation may face expensive and risky migration, fragmented and siloed data pools or the loss of valuable digital assets.


What you need to consider

How can I ensure the accessibility of my digital archives?


Digital preservation is a combination of technology and processes that keep your digital records available and accessible today and in the future. It’s more than simply storing or backing up data – even your highest value digital materials are worthless if they can’t be found, identified and used.

The first step is to identify all current data storage systems and media, including removable devices. By bringing together your organisation’s separate silos of information to create a single comprehensive data repository, it is easier to manage the collection as a whole. When you can clearly see, monitor and manage your digital materials in one place, it’s effortless to allow the right people controlled access to relevant areas while maintaining high levels of data security.

How important is it to have a scalable data storage solution?


It’s a fact; we are consuming data faster than ever. As a result, you need a data management solution that can grow with the ever-increasing demand. Having a system designed to ensure you have adequate provision to save your data safely and accurately is vital.

At CAE, we work with you to ensure your organisation can expand storage and infrastructure before it ever becomes an issue. We do this seamlessly, without affecting the day-to-day running of your storage systems. With scalable infrastructure, you won’t have to worry about additional capacity requirements. We pride ourselves in understanding your long-term goals so we can monitor and ensure your valuable data is protected, whatever the future may hold.

What are the benefits of a centralised digital preservation solution?


As the size and quantity of your digital data files increase, storage across multiple devices becomes less sustainable. Monitoring and maintaining multiple systems is expensive and time consuming, and risks your data being duplicated or lost between collections.

Utilising a centralised storage solution offers improved reliability and cost effectiveness along with increased capacity. Dedicated enterprise storage systems are far less resource intensive and provide a comprehensive picture of your data collection, which makes it easier to manage and maintain. A consolidated storage model offers easier ingestion and active management of your data, including reliable error monitoring and regular, straightforward backups.

CAE offer on-premise, cloud and hybrid infrastructure solutions to safely and efficiently store your most valuable data in one place, helping you to manage, protect and share it, now and in the future.

How can digital preservation increase cost efficiency?


If your digital preservation journey includes the digitisation of analogue cultural or business assets of high value, cost efficiencies are immediate and obvious. Making high quality image, sound and video files available in the place of the real thing saves time and money in comparison to keeping paper files or artefacts easily accessible within a local warehouse or physical storage facility.

More efficient storage of digitised and born-digital assets also demonstrates significant cost efficiencies. The scalable nature of centralised data storage makes adding increased capacity to your established system a much more affordable solution than purchasing additional storage to run alongside your current system. By integrating multiple data silos, the combined data can also be managed more efficiently, saving time and money.

How can choosing the right solution for my archives save time?


Identifying the right data storage solution to suit your business requirements and consolidating your valuable data files in one place increases business efficiency. Centralised data storage, access and management improves speed and accuracy of data searches, making it easier to quickly and accurately track down critical business information, share information with other departments and avoid duplication.

Having the right information available at the right time also improves productivity. As the time spent locating and retrieving data is reduced, workflows become more efficient, preventing time-sapping roadblocks. Simple and rapid access to past assets also allows you to update and repurpose historical materials for current use, so files can be re-used instead of work being repeated. Choosing the right digital preservation solution is critical to ensure that you can spend your time managing the data rather than storage space.

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