With over 2,600 stores across the UK, this leading retailer plays a significant role at the heart of communities spanning across the UK. Stores that cannot trade, caused by technology failure could leave their customers without access to critical resources.

Avoiding technology failure in retail

Downtime and a store being out of action has wide ranging implications, not only to loss of revenue but also potential significant reputational damage. The challenge did not just sit with IT, but also for Senior Leadership across multiple lines of business, it was a business critical risk that had to be addressed.

Our existing relationship with this leading UK retailer was the foundation of trust, that extended to all levels. We worked together to understand what the best possible outcome looked like. Unencumbered by the past, a highly collaborative design process allowed for a ground breaking architecture and platform approach.

Using Assure gave them peace of mind that their data back-up could respond in minutes and ensure stability of the stores up and down the UK.

Why Assure?

If you want to protect your Meraki investment and eliminate the risks of operational disruptions, sales losses, and reputational damages, book a FREE demo with CAE experts to explore Assure’s potential to your business.

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Download our full customer success story to learn how our Assure solution - powered by CAE Labs saved this leading retailer 14 days of business disruption and 89 minutes of rebuilding time per site.