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Automated service assurance and business resilience 

Protect and rapidly restore Cisco Meraki cloud data with Assure

What is Assure?

All cloud-based networking services such as Cisco Meraki require a service assurance layer. At CAE Labs, we have developed a business solution to support all Cisco Meraki technology, we call this - Assure. A game-changer and providing you with peace of mind. 

With Assure your business will:

  • Increase uptime and reduce business restoration time
  • Never miss an operational change through continuous protection
  • Mitigate future outtages from occurring

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Automated service assurance and business resilience

Cloud service providers often rely on third party services to backup or restore in the event of a major failure – or indeed a malicious attack. Cloud-based networking is no different, and if deployed at scale this can represent a high-impacting business risk.

Our services complement the Cisco Meraki cloud platform and provide customers with peace of mind. We call this Assure. So harness the benefits below of today, tomorrow and beyond:

  • Increase uptime and reduce business restoration downtime - from days and weeks to hours and minutes
  • Never miss an operational change - by securely capturing them when they happen, in real-time
  • Establish a restoration process with your IT team - by providing bi-annual business resilience sandbox testing
  • Mitigate future outages from ever occurring - through ongoing service intelligence to provide additional risk removal
  • 24/7 access to UK-based expert support as and when needed


Why Assure?

A game changer for large scale network deployments

With the explosion in adoption and consumption of cloud 
services, it’s no surprise that cloud-based networking 
services are becoming increasingly mainstream. Cloud-based 
networking services, such as Cisco Meraki technology, 
require a service assurance layer just as any other cloud 
service does. 

CAE have developed a suite of business applications that 
provide backup and restoration to cloud networking services, 
removing any associated business risk.