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Automated service assurance and business resilience 

Eliminate operational disruptions, financial losses, and reputational damages

Your business operation is secured

Service outage is a terrifying threat to all businesses as it leads to sales loss, reputational damages, and compliance issues. To mitigate service outages, all cloud-based networking services such as Cisco Meraki require a service assurance layer. Our CAE Labs automated solution – Assure – protects and rapidly restores your Cisco Meraki data in various data loss scenarios.

With Assure your business will:

  • Significantly reduce service restoration downtime – from days and weeks to hours and minutes – to minimise operational disruption
  • Mitigate the associated business risks of investing in cloud-based networking services
  • Comply with industry regulations on cloud-based networking and business continuity
  • Increase control level – removing a barrier to achieve better cyber insurance coverage

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Keeping your business up and running is no easy feat

Without a service assurance layer, should an operational data loss occurs, this is what will happen:

  • Your IT team race against time to recover data and bring business back to function
  • It takes days and weeks to rebuild deleted devices, networks and configuration templates
  • During which your business operation is suspended
  • Your executives scramble to deal with sales loss, customer complaints, and loss in shareholder value
  • Your competitors seize this chance to steal your market share
  • Compliance issues around business discontinuity only exacerbate the situation


Why Assure?

Downtime translates linearly to lost revenue and reputational damage

Assure helps you to drastically reduce service downtime and eliminate associated business risks as well as compliance issues.

As Cisco UK&I Partner of the Year 2022, we offer top-notch technology that protects your cloud-based networking, ensures your business continuity, and gives you complete peace of mind.

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£750 million

Of potential revenue saved


14 days

Of disruption eliminated


89 minutes

Of rebuilding time per site reduced