More Good Days

Transforming people’s experiences, and people’s lives, through technology



CAE is a trusted technology partner who makes people's lives more straightforward, productive, fulfilling and enjoyable by providing the intuitive IT services they need every day.

We specialise in providing technology that's on point by taking proven vendor solutions, combining them and tailoring them as required.

We understand how our customers use technology, and how it can transform what they do. Above all, we're their trusted advisors: the people they turn to for expert support and guidance, giving assistance when they are not having a good day, getting them back on track.

We do this by working with our customers to understand exactly where they are on their IT journey now, and where they want to be, then working closely together at every stage to deliver their desired outcome.

We sum this up into a simple ambition: more good days.




Customer Satisfaction


38 minutes

Average Response Time


12.4 hours

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Our Purpose

To transform people’s experiences, and people’s lives, through technology. We make people’s lives more straightforward, more productive, more fulfilling and more enjoyable by providing the intuitive IT services they need every day


Our Company

We are committed to developing people within CAE and we continually invest in our people through a shared passion for learning and development


Our Culture

We create a culture where everyone matters. Being able to feel connected to our purpose is vital, but it is knowing people matter and are valued that allows us to feel fulfilled


Technology has an awesome ability to transform, there is no other industry that will drive more change for years to come.

But technology will only make that difference when combined with knowledge, passion and empathy that people can bring.

Our Why is the reason we exist. It is the question we are an answer to.



Helping the NHS fight from home

“The CAE team had helped newly remote staff, unused to working from home and dealing with the personal impact of a changing world, were able to work from home seamlessly, accessing clinical applications quickly and securely. The team are delighted that the agile approach taken resulted in a successful deployment for BCUHB, allowing them to concentrate on supporting the NHS during a critical time.”

Gold star network for teachers & students

“Right first time, rapid, zero touch provision and deployment. After testing the delivery service at five schools in the pilot phase, CAE were able to hand over a consistent, streamlined operating model for WCBC to deploy, which was easy for us to scale and repeat for the remaining 65 schools.”

Retail store 'heart & lungs' transplant

“Having worked at Coop for 20 years, in all my time I have never completed a project in store operating hours, working with CAE we took this one stage further and removed the hearts and lungs of the store whilst the store was trading with a downtime of 45 seconds, this is one of the most outstanding pieces of work I have ever seen delivered.”

Customers we've helped have more good days