“CAE showed an unmatched ability to understand our business model and translate it into a solution that was exciting and made clear financial sense.” - Alex Luff, Principality Stadium, Cardiff

Revolutionising the spectator experience 

The Principality Stadium needed a new IT infrastructure with advanced HD media capabilities to help it attract the best events within an extremely competitive marketplace. Its main objective was to deliver the ultimate fan experience. 

Return on investment was key and the project had to be delivered with minimum disruption. This meant tight deadlines and required an intimate knowledge of the stadium and workings of an event. What’s more, any IT partner had to commit to the project for ten years. CAE was up to the task. 

Part of the team’s vision was to share outstanding content over hundreds of HD screens around the arena. This required ground-breaking technology, including a resilient core network through to the latest media capabilities. 

Trail blazing innovation 

Through strategic consultancy CAE came up with a cutting-edge solution. CAE designed and delivered the first-ever European deployment of Cisco StadiumVision, plus uniquely designed studio, and Cisco LAN. The solution comprised: 

  • 4 HD cameras, 2 independent live streaming in-house video channels and 5 external video channels 
  • 400 LCD screens (40” and 52”) 
  • 400 Cisco Digital Media Players 
  • 2 x 109.3 square metre LED jumbo screens 

CAE provides ongoing support of the content strategy, management of the studio environment and successful operation of the complete system.

The Outcome

As a direct result of the project the Principality Stadium has enhanced its reputation as a leading venue in the UK and Europe. The solution has a clear and impressive return on investment for the Principality Stadium. Fans have a unique experience which has encouraged a longer stadium stay and consequently increased spend per visitor. Principality has also experienced a direct increase in sales from content available to advertisers and event organisers.