“In partnership with CAE, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council is invested in a long-term collaboration that will evolve with our digital transformation goals and adapt to the changing technology landscape. Other Public Sector bodies (NHS, including the ICB) are now able to use our infrastructure when on RMBC sites, allowing seamless integration onto their systems." - Chris Sweeney, Digital Services Manager at Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

In the heart of South Yorkshire, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council (RMBC) stands as a testament to resilience and dedication, committed to serving and improving the lives of its people. The challenges posed by the pandemic only fuelled their determination to deliver vital support, regeneration, and innovation to their diverse community. 

At the core of their vision was a transformation into a hub of innovation, growth, and prosperity in the digital age, encapsulated in their Golden Rules and Digital Principles.

RMBC’s digital odyssey begins

RMBC aspired to offer secure and accessible services, driven by a commitment to privacy, compliance, and the highest standards. They sought to leverage technology for a cultural shift towards digital literacy and innovation, aiming to update their network for flexibility and sustainability. However, their existing IT infrastructure posed a significant obstacle and they needed a partner who truly understood their organisation and goals.

Data-driven insights: unveiling the reality with Network Intelligence

The partnership with RMBC began with understanding their existing infrastructure through Network Intelligence, powered by CAE Labs. The single lens dashboard revealed soon to become end of life infrastructure and software and energy inefficiencies. Utilising the data produced through Network Intelligence, our experts were able to craft a Five Year Forward View, proposing a step-by-step solution, cost estimates, and prioritised equipment replacement.

To align with their long-term vision and provide optimal value, RMBC moved forward with a Software Defined Networking (SDN) approach, that provided a modern and 
agile data centre . This provided the organisation with a Cisco ACI solution for their data centre and softwaredefined-access (SDA) solution for the campus; including Catalyst 9K hardware for both wired and wireless along with Dual Catalyst centre appliances that were deployed for:

  •  Interactive Whiteboards
  •  Digital Signage
  •  ICT Suites
  •  Multi-function Printers
  • Projectors
  • Really anything that connects to a standard kettle lead (IEC C13)

Transformation in action: a resilient and secure network

Through our partnership, RMBC achieved a seamless, secure, and automated outcome. The Cisco Enterprise Agreement ensured a simplified licensing model with true 
forward capability and improved manageability. Core services migrated and integrated onto the new ACI platform, enhancing performance, and security against potential threats. The Cisco SDA platform and wireless first approach improved user experience and efficiency, merging guest and corporate Wi-Fi networks securely. Beyond technology, we introduced a comprehensive ever evolving Customer Success Plan and training programme, enhancing team skills and confidence. The people-centric approach resulted in significant improvements in infrastructure support, reflecting the success of the collaboration.

"The next phase of our project will place a heightened focus on security (‘Defence in Depth’), paving the way for exploring the potential of the Internet of Things. This strategic alliance is not just about technology; it’s about shaping the customer experience and ensuring positive user outcomes in an ever-evolving digital era.” - Chris Sweeney, Digital Services Manager at Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

Our Collaborative Partnership

Through our collaborative partnership, energy consumption and costs were cut by over half, heat output reduced by two-thirds, and carbon emissions slashed by 51%. Regular security updates, improved operational efficiency, and enhanced flexibility and mobility were achieved, allowing RMBC to do more for the community.

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