CAE Technology Services wins third place in the prestigious Cisco Global Digital Sustainability Challenge

CAE Technology Services is delighted to announce it has placed third in the prestigious Cisco Global Digital Sustainability Challenge, winning a $100,000 investment to develop and scale-up an innovative new sustainability solution that could save businesses as much as 70% of wasted power.

The challenge saw Cisco partners across the world put forward their concepts and initiatives to help customers tackle climate concerns and achieve sustainability goals, with CAE competing against businesses across EMEA with its new WiserWatts platform solution.

WiserWatts intelligently measures and optimises power across entire network infrastructures to ensure organisations only consume the number of kWh they need, cutting energy use, reducing operating costs and minimising carbon impact. It was found to have the potential to reduce nearly two-thirds of power waste at a medium-sized trial business, who worked with CAE during the development process.

Cisco’s investment will now allow CAE to accelerate WiserWatt’s development and support an initial offering . When considered with the wider social value the solution brings it represents an extraordinary opportunity to deliver against a varied number of outcomes. This will benefit venues and stadiums that only require network connectivity during events, university and hospital campuses that only need it during core hours, as well as multi-site customers in retail, hospitality, government, and education.

CAE’s Chief Executive, Justin Harling, says: “We are thrilled to have secured this recognition and investment. WiserWatts could play a crucial role in driving down carbon impact if adopted by enough organisations, which this brilliant new investment from Cisco takes us a step towards.

“Innovation is part of who we are at CAE. It is an integral part of our purpose, culture and everything we do for our customers to ensure that the technology we deliver is on point. Amidst the rising cost of energy and as more businesses look at new and creative ways to reduce their emissions and carbon footprint, we really believe that our new, award-winning platform has the potential to take our commitment to innovative solutions for our customers even further.”

The award-win also follows CAE being named the first Cisco Gold Integrator in the UK to achieve the Cisco Environmental Sustainability Specialisation, which rewards partners for supporting Cisco’s sustainability pledge and responsibly repurposing and recycling end-of-use products.

To see WiserWatts in action, watch this short entry submission video.


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