How do you give your IT Security team more time?

You know cyber criminals are becoming increasingly inventive in finding new ways to attack businesses and you already know the importance of your IT Security. But did you know that it's likely your own IT Security team is feeling increasingly under pressure with the changes and obstacles they face every day?

According to our latest research into what's holding back more good days in IT Security, 21% of those surveyed for this report suggest that experiencing a stressful day in the office has become routine. So what does your team need to meet the ever-growing demands in cyber security?

Reducing the skills gap 

As cyber criminals continue to develop new ways of attacking businesses, the strain on those responsible for keeping their IT secure are struggling to keep up with the in-house skills needed to meet the demands. Our findings showCAE icons for web_Workplace that only 57% of those asked felt there was sufficient resource and training available for them within their current workplace. This leaves a large proportion of people not confident in the current state of resource and training - so how do you turn this into more good days?

Training and resource is becoming a burden to businesses as they continue the uphill battle of finding and keeping new people with the right skills. A solution is to find a suitable security solutions partner that you can rely on to do the heavy-lifting and implement security measures such as data back-ups and disaster recovery plans. By doing this, you will ease the pressure on your internal teams and also give you the confidence and trust that you have an external team up to the challenge should the worse happen.

Automating those mundane tasks 

Did you know that we have recently reduced our internal people's time by 200 hours a month by automating one simple task? In our research 27% said their biggest gripe was the need to complete too many boring and/or repetitive tasks, so why not work to resolve the issue? 

Automation doesn't have to cost the earth in time or currency. By working together to determine what repetitive and mundane tasks take up the most time, and by defining the easiest option to automate, you could free up that all important time for your IT team to action priority tasks, training. and plan and adopt strategic approaches to your IT security measures. 

Educate everyone, not just your IT team

You don't work in the IT team so you don't need to know about the security threats they face everyday right? Wrong. Human error is one of the main routes hackers infiltrate business's IT systems. From clicking on an CAE Icons__Lightbulbemail link to divulging information to the wrong person, hackers exploit the trust of humans to implement an attack. So ask yourself, when was the last time you had an in-person or virtual security training session that involved everyone from across the business? Sure, you've probably sent a few emails about clicking on those damaging links because through your own internal security measures you have to, but its highly likely people aren't paying much attention. 

Setting mandatory virtual or in-person training sessions for your own people on a periodic basis will keep the risks fresh in their minds. It's an opportunity for you as a business to highlight new threats, share new ways hackers are targetting businesses and showing what companies have faced recently. Although not in the art of scaremongering, it must be highlighted to your internal teams that they are the biggest risk to your business's security and we all have a job to do when it comes to staying secure.

Providing More Good Days

Report v2.2 - Landing pageTo provide More Good Days to our customers, we’ve independently surveyed over 200 IT professionals to understand what is really holding them back from having More Good Days in IT Security. What really matters and why have they become numb to the noise around them?


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