How digital transformation technologies can improve business efficiency

Digital transformation: it's more than just a buzzword. Discover how to improve business efficiency through digital 

transformation technologies, with CAE Labs. Digital transformation: it’s more than just a buzzword. Used well,CAE Labs graphic - circle only with three pillars-1 digital technologies have the power to revolutionise and disrupt your business operations (in a really good way). Here at CAE Labs, digital transformation technologies are part of our ‘why’. We help organisations to improve business efficiency using digital strategies like automation, integration and network intelligence to streamline their operations and do things better. 

But first: what exactly is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is the process of integrating digital technologies into all areas of a business, and not just as an add-on or afterthought.

In short, digital transformation is a complete cultural change. It’s about infusing everything you do with an intelligent, data-driven approach, harnessing and integrating the analytics and automation technologies available to help you achieve your business goals. There isn’t one single digital transformation strategy that will work for everyone: what it looks like for you will depend on your own unique workforce and objectives.

Isn't it just another business buzzword?

It’s true, digital transformation is a phrase we hear a lot. And like many trending terms, it’s often used superficially, without any focus on real, significant change. In fact as many as 70% of digital transformation projects fail, thanks in part to this lack of vision or buy-in. If digital transformation is implemented without insight, organisations are likely to be left behind by those who see its full potential.

So how can it improve business efficiency?

It’s best to illustrate this with some real-world examples. At CAE Labs, we work every day with organisations 
looking to use digital transformation technologies to achieve their business goals. It’s exciting to see what this looks like in real life and grasp the real possibilities that innovative technological solutions can bring.

Automation OpEd graphic-1

Why is automation the critical step to your technology transformation? Download here our Head of Technical Strategy & Direction Dene Lewis's paper, explaining why automating IT operations is key to empowering talented IT experts and realising the digital transformation journey. 

Value-added services alongside you shop, at the Co-op

Convenience store chain Co-op overhauled its technology platform with the intention of offering additional services to its customers - a key vision for the business. With help from CAE Labs, a new store architecture was implemented, resulting in measurable business benefits, such as an increased average basket size.

A scalable, seamless and futureproof network infrastructure

At Wrexham County Borough Council, the network infrastructure used by 70 schools had evolved piecemeal over the years - and as a result there was little to no standardisation, visibility or control for IT teams. CAE Labs undertook a complete network redesign and implementation, resulting in a faster and more streamlined operating model that can be deployed almost instantly in order to provision additional schools. Centralised, at-a-glance visibility and control means that everything can be monitored and controlled easily.

Will digital transformation technologies take our jobs?

That’s a common myth. And in this economic climate, it’s one with some justification. But while it’s certainly possible to make significant cost savings by harnessing digital transformation technologies, that improvement in business efficiency that comes with this type of culture change doesn’t need to translate into a widespread loss of valuable human resources.

Increased-Efficiency-IconInstead, increasing efficiency in business through technology is likely to help you get the very best out of the people you invest in. By taking the focus away from routine, predictable tasks, for example, automation can help humans to reach higher, concentrating their efforts on strategy, creativity and thinking outside the box - the things that we can still do so much
better than machines.

Achieve your full potential, with the experts at CAE Labs

The impact of digital transformation can be amazing. And we’re here to help you achieve it. Whatever your goals, our innovative and pioneering team will come up with creative, bespoke technological solutions to improve your business efficiency and transform the way you work - so that every day can be a good day. If you’d like to find out more, just contact us and let us know how we can help.


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