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The last two years have forced organisations to rethink the way we work, with more and more organisations adopting remote and hybrid working models as part of their long-term strategy. When the security challenges and threat landscape changes as much as the technology, how can you be sure you’ve got a joined up approach, and are protecting your organisation and users in the smartest and most effective way possible?

21% of those surveyed for this report suggest that experiencing a stressful day in the office has become routine – a number that grows to 27% for IT leaders. What’s more, this is a day that for 65% of respondents typically grows into a work week of 40 hours or more – despite only 38% being contracted to work that amount of time. Being overworked therefore remains an issue, and is undoubtedly tied to the opinion voiced by three in five respondents that their employer’s demands have gone up over the last 5 years.

Our research uncovered some common themes among IT professionals. From sleepless nights, bad days and lack of training and support, all trigged by a sense that we’ve been through so much rapid digital change over the past few years they are increasingly worried they are not giving due consideration to the security issues and risks. Our survey respondents are feeling like they are forever stressing that they’re vulnerable to cyber risks, and are ill prepared to respond and recover from a breach, attack or downtime.

Not that it’s all doom and gloom, as the report also offers pointers for how to dial up more good days.

All told, the survey’s findings point to a time of transition in IT circles, as employees seek smarter, more automated security tools to relieve them of more monotonous tasks – and to open up the more proactive and strategic aspects of their roles. The challenge is being set, and at CAE we’re blazing a trail from the mundane to the marvellous with smarter, intelligent technology that transforms user experiences – and helps deliver more good days at work.

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