“CAE have been providing exposure to the staff of technology, solutions and architecture which is proving significant value. Whilst we will always endeavour to seek best value for the University, we increasingly have been seeing CAE as a partner to assist us in meeting strategic goals”. - Jon Holgate Cambridge UIS, Head of Infrastructure

Lights, Network, Action!

Creating some of the World's most valuable IP, bringing together the world's top students and academics, all in an environment full of awe-inspiring buildings and history - this is what day to day looks like for the University of Cambridge. 

This is not the place for ordinary, this is not the place for a supplier, this is the place for a long-term, strategic partnership that can match the constant demands and ambitions exhibited every single day. 


What does keeping the lights on mean for the University?

  • Outstanding user experience across multiple sites
  • A level of performance that keeps up with the fast pace
  • Ensuring security for data is the best it can be


With Colleges, Departments and Faculties all needing resources that work for them,  they need a partner that does more than keep the lights on. A trusted partnership and advisor is needed that is committed to delivering technical expertise supported by the right commercial outlook. 


With a track record of excellence that spans over 800 years, constantly understanding and delivering on change is a legacy to be respected and continued. The University also leads the way on sustainability as the first University in the World to commit to targets based on the 2015 Paris Agreement and taking a pledge to be net zero by 2048, and then committing to a target to get there 10 years early. 

For CAE, this means bringing cutting edge IP and award winning API solutions with the core purpose of supporting energy reduction. 

Download the full University of Cambridge success story to see how through our partnership, they are making sustainable plans for the future, with transformational technology.