“ We must continue to develop and improve our digital skills. Since SVR was established in 1910, we have embraced change and progress .We must apply the same approach to our digital network. We have come a long way and can now rightly claim to be a digitally connected organisation; able to communicate and share data securely and effectively. ”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Martin Nadin, CEO, Scottish Veterans Residences

Embracing the change

Establishing a digital network and transferring our data and digital services to The Cloud, has been a significant achievement for Scottish Veterans’ Residences (SVR), as they endeavour to become a digitally connected organisation.

The need for SVR’s digital evolution, was recognised by its Governing Body in 2019. Defined as a strategic objective within their 2020 Business Plan, the intended outcome was “a digitally connected organisation able to communicate, share, and analyse and exploit data securely and effectively.”

Scottish Veterans planned for a small pilot study, which was anticipated would lead, to a structured rollout across the whole charity. However, this was disrupted by the onset of the pandemic.

Suddenly, there was an urgent need to provide many employees with appropriate IT equipment to enable remote working in order to continue delivering services. Once the
dust settled and everyone was equipped, the charity could speak to, and email each other from their homes.

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