“We didn’t want to get into a firefighting situation; kick the windows in and fix the door later. We knew we needed to collaborate with a partner who shared our values; a partner that our people could feel at home with, and a firm that we could trust to co-own and drive the future of our technology with us. We found that with CAE..”

The Power of Partnerships

 In 2019, our investment banking customer had a unique business challenge when they separated from another financial services provider. The challenge was that they needed to build both a brand-new enterprise architecture, and an operating model to keep supporting their global users once the divergence was done.

Our newly formed customer took a strategic decision to partner with CAE to optimise and streamline the development of their new support model.

To achieve this, they issued a request for proposals (RFP) to potential partners. The request was to reimagine every aspect of their infrastructure and define new ways to provide optimal end user and infrastructure support. The aim was to select a partner who could successfully design, implement, and support their intended end state.

Our goal was to transform their experiences and their lives through technology.

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