"SaÏd Business School see CAE as an extension to their own company. And one of the things we've tried to instill, is that as a managed service partner, we would like CAE to look after our network, as if it were their own. We trust and empower CAE to do that and the partnership works really well with that foundation in place." Mark Bramwell - CIO

What happens when you walk into your new job & find rats nesting in the network cabling?

From rats nest to a state of the art smart global leadership centre, SaÏd Business School have undergone a huge technology transformation in the last few years & we have been with them every step of the way.

Watch from our customer's point of view, exactly how, through their partnership with CAE, technology has transformed the experiences and lives of the educators, students and people at SaÏd Business School.

Watch our customer story: