For more than 150 years, our customer has been helping people in need. Since its founding in the East End of London, it has helped more than 13,000 in the UK into employment and supported 11,000 victims of modern slavery in the UK.

Supporting staff and volunteers with the right tools

Today, the Christian based charity, is active in virtually every corner of the world. It serves in more than 130 countries: offering God’s hope and love to all those in need without discrimination. It works in local communities to provide support for the elderly, young people and family reconciliation and hosts 50,000 worshippers every week at its UK churches or corps.

Yet the systems in place in its approx. 700 UK offices and churches were failing the people and volunteers around the country who help deliver on its mission. By 2021, network performance was so poor, there was a constant struggle to even use common applications such as Microsoft Teams.

The problems were affecting productivity, limiting collaboration, and impacting morale. Some locations were implementing shadow IT to meet their needs. They knew it needed to upgrade its network to deliver a new WAN and SD-WAN solution to all its churches, corps offices and community halls.

A better solution at a lower cost

Previously unusable apps, such as Microsoft Teams, can be used with confidence, fostering greater collaboration throughout the organisation. The improvements are
positively impacting the culture of the organisation.

Easing technology frustrations is great for morale and collaboration. It’s also paid dividends in the approach to innovation. The charity are looking at new ways to innovate,
such as tracking church attendance and recognising trends.

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