“Understanding both the managed service offering and the automation available in the solution enabled us to spot an opportunity to innovate. Thinking of the people and giving focused training means tangible value today and guaranteed value for tomorrow.” - Scott Griffiths, Customer Success Manager

The beating heart

Network transformation, a new CTO, a legacy core infrastructure significantly past its usable lifespan and a mission to save lives; it was time to transform the IT infrastructure of the British Heart Foundation (BHF). 

From stem-cell coated plasters to 3D printed hearts, the BHF funds around £100million of research each year. The research it funds helps deliver lifesaving breakthroughs and turns science fiction into reality. For the charity its infrastructure is a resource critical for the core objective of a world free from the fear of heart and circulatory diseases, and supporting charitable donations, which provide a major source of research funding. 

What BHF needed was an organisation to complement the skill set of the existing team, to implement a comprehensive solution and service which was appropriate to meet specific needs and form a strategic partnership for the future. 

This was no ordinary project. Jointly, the bold decision was made to complete the implementation in aggressive timescales and that meant in one go. There was confidence that the expertise of both teams, coupled with collaborative working, would enable the development of innovative migration approaches that mitigated risks, minimised downtime and allowed the new environment to be commissioned quickly. All of this was supported by a dedicated transition team that ensured smooth implementation and handover into the managed service. 

The Outcome 

The project was completed on time and within budget, with no unexpected commercial implications, and all-important funding kept towards the critical research effort. 

The relationship has been cemented by working with CAE’s Customer Experience practice. Working closely with the CAE NOC, the project has been a catalyst to adopt cutting edge automated software update policies within the managed service.