People, Approach and Outcomes

It’s our people, approach and outcomes that distinguish us from others.

We strive to build long term relationships and dedicate the time to understand your requirements.

Our people – our retail experts – combine their market knowledge with insights into your specific needs to help you adopt the most relevant technology for your business and achieve your desired outcomes.

Managed Services

Peace of mind is knowing your network is expertly handled so your staff can focus on what's important to your business.

We can expand your resources with specialists, best-in-class tools and effortsaving remote management – all while helping you to control costs. It’s the simple, efficient route to greater IT peace of mind.

Why a managed service?

As your retail estate grows or changes, it naturally becomes more costly and timeconsuming to manage. Our managed services package up the skills, tools and services you need alongside transparent pricing. We act as an extension of your own team, providing expertise you only get from building and maintaining complex environments every day.

Benefits of a managed service

Control operating costs
It’s virtually impossible to predict the demand fluctuations, performance and capacity issues you may be faced with. Our managed services use best-in-class tools and expertise to anticipate issues, proactively minimise time spent, and deliver truly cost-effective management.

Hit your targets
Every business wants the highest possible levels of availability and quality of service. Our managed services give you the proven systems and SLAs to achieve them.

Gain 24×7 peace of mind
We provide this service 24×7, giving you total peace of mind that your business will continue to operate efficiently and effectively around the clock.

The right mix
Our principal goals are to reduce your risks and deliver ROI for your business. We build the right package of managed services to meet your unique needs, so you only pay for elements that deliver value. Whether you need fully managed services or augmented support, CAE are the partner you can trust.

Deployment Services

Getting your new technology up and running quickly enables you to realise the maximum value from your new investments.

Knowing that the deployment team are certified and experienced gives you peace of mind that you’ll get it right, first time.

With CAE, you have an expert partner with the experience to deploy your complete Store Platform or components of a store platform with automation at speed and scale, saving you time and reducing deployment costs. Large mass rollouts achieve the highest level of efficiencies and cost-effectiveness, while also reducing project risk.

Fast, efficient deployment

You can trust our team of experts to lead your technology department. We are not only experts in technology, we are experts in how you use the technology and the environment it needs to operate in. Our multi-skilled team works under the close direction of our project management office to ensure the deployment goes without a hitch.

CAE can deploy separate components or a complete Store Platform that is agile, scalable, and perfectly suited to multi-site retailers. While much of the deployment can be managed centrally, our national and international coverage enables CAE to provide any local resources required to your project locations, and we have the scale to handle projects of any size and complexity.

We manage the project from start to finish with our experienced team of PRINCE2 certified project managers who work tirelessly to ensure you have a worry-free experience.

Retail Modernisation Consultancy

You won’t solve tomorrow’s retail challenges with yesterday’s technology.

Building and managing your own retail solution with disparate hardware, software and services is a huge task. CAE can seamlessly integrate best-in-class component technologies to create a single solution for your business, backed by all the support and management you need, for as long as you need it.

CAE Methodology

We will work with you to understand your requirements and identify challenges and opportunities for improvement and optimisation. Our experts will then design and build your solution, adopting the best new technologies and practices to meet your needs, ensuring that your Store Platform delivers true value and benefit to your business.

Prepare your business for the future As your business grows and additional investment becomes available, CAE’s experts can fully integrate additional elements into the Store Platform to enable even greater value. From further infrastructure to customised apps, our team can advise on which technologies to invest in to meet your current and future security, growth, performance and cost-saving goals, allowing your business to evolve and advance towards success.

DevOps: Automated Architecture

Transform for growth and innovation with a modern Store Platform that enables rapid deployment of new applications and services.

Our DevOps capabilities enable customisation and change at pace and scale, combining people, processes and technology to help you achieve your business goals faster. The integrated Store Platform allows you to make changes across your entire multi-store estate in seconds with single click upgrades and automated processes.

Benefits of automation

Better control and visibility

The Store Platform equipment integrates in ways that enable simplified management and greater visibility of activity and problems across the stack through a single dashboard. Our experts can assist you in rolling out changes to every one of your stores across the country at the push of a button.

Reduce costs

Allowing faster delivery of new applications, making changes to the in-store IT environment takes minutes or even seconds instead of days and weeks. Updates are made at pace and scale with minimal downtime and no need for local IT support, improving your business responsiveness and saving both time and money.

Task automation

Routine tasks once took up a great deal of time. Today, you can use automation technology to bypass repetitive, costly tasks and fix issues across your multi-store estate. The reduced effort and downtime required for troubleshooting, configuring and performing routine tasks helps you save on operational expenses and allows your IT team to focus on more important business matters.

Improve security

Security settings can be synced across all sites in seconds using a desired state approach and configuration templates, with updates pushed through proactively as they become available, ensuring each and every device has the most comprehensive and up-to-date protection available, keeping your business secure.

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At CAE we have the people and the approach to deliver your desired outcome.