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Our Retail App Store, built upon a Cisco Meraki foundation, enables retailers to can gain insight into both the store and the customer.

We use technology to help you grow revenue, increase footfall, increase revenue per customer, and build the foundation to develop customer loyalty. Understanding your customers in more detail enables increased loyalty through better service and experience. The goal is to achieve personalisation both in store and online, throughout the entire customer journey.

Capture what your customers like, point them to goods and services that you know they like and show them “similar” goods or services that they perhaps haven’t found. This delivers an in-store experience similar to the way online giants suggest to their customers “you may also like…”

We can also understand and take advantage of store efficiencies thus reducing the cost of a store operation. When you consider some of the manual operational costs of running a store such as replenishing shelves, enabling self-service checkouts and loss prevention, you can evaluate processes to automate those operations. With automation comes cost reduction.

CAE’s Retail App Store not only offers bricks and mortar retailers the data required to make decisions about the retail store and the customer, but critically, it enables retailers to act on that information in real-time. Build AI into your decision making where possible. CAE will work with you to identify where technology can add value, simplify process, and build a business case that is achievable and commercially viable.

This is personalization at scale.

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