How do we monitor the staff, patients and visitors entering our buildings?

Since the new requirements for social distancing came into place, monitoring the people entering your buildings has become essential to ensuring a safe and healthy environment for your staff and visitors.

Checking temperatures and lowering the occupancy numbers for walk in centres, GP drop-in clinics, waiting rooms and even staff restaurants minimises the risk of infection, but can be time consuming and costly.

For many NHS estate teams, an interim solution involved staff counting people in and out of buildings and taking forehead temperatures, but with numerous buildings across your estate, each with multiple access points, this is not a viable solution in the long term.

How do we track people, assets, clinical devices and other IOT enabled devices across our estate?

Loss of equipment, difficulty tracking staff and patients, and medical fridge failures all impact productivity, cost your Trust time and money, and ultimately affect staff and patient satisfaction. By accurately tracking the people and assets within your estate – in conjunction with an enterprise class wireless network – you can reduce costs, streamline workflows and free up time that would have been spent searching for resources to improve patient care instead.

Environmental Monitoring of temperature for clinical fridges can also be incorporated into this platform which gives the Trust a single view of ‘things’. With vaccination volumes being ramped up across the world, a number of questions will be asked on how these vaccines will be monitored for location and temperature control over a period of time.

Offering far more capability than simply tracking beds and medical equipment, a comprehensive Real Time Location System pinpoints resources across different floors and buildings, and delivers detailed real time analytics to enhance operational efficiency, improve inventory management and better plan future investments.

Click on the areas in the image below (or scroll through) to learn more about the areas a single open infrastructure can be used for.

How can we improve efficiency, simplicity and security across a growing network?

As your Trust evolves, it often becomes more complex. So, with every device, user, location and workload you add, you’re asking more of your network, your security, your staff  – and your IT teams. You need a network that’s easy to scale and simple to manage, you need security that is effective and you need to support your staff’s working needs.  

Here’s how you can build it.


How can we improve our forward planning and meet growing compliance needs?

It’s a challenge for you to accurately forecast to finance what your capital replacement program is for the next year, let along the next five years.  This is compounded by the growing list of standards and compliance needs related to digital enablement of the NHS.  You constantly need to adapt your technology to adhere to requirements such as Data Security Standards, Secure Boundary and HiMSS INFRAM.

Trying to plan and budget to a level that satisfies finance while meeting compliance requirements is a challenge for both you and your team.  You need to find a way that not only relieves those pressures but gives you a technology strategy that meets your organisations demands today and into the future.

Here’s how you can get started.


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