People, Approach and Outcomes

It’s our people, approach and outcomes that distinguish us from others.

We strive to build long term relationships with NHS Trusts and dedicate the time to understand your requirements.

Our people – our experts – combine their market knowledge with insights into your specific needs to help you adopt the most relevant technology for your organisation and achieve your desired outcomes.


Technology is no longer seen as supporting the business objectives, it’s now driving them. It is a critical function in any organisation, and it needs to be match-fit and ready to respond to your business needs and challenges.

But – even as IT continues to innovate at a rapid rate, it still has the potential to be ineffective. That’s why CAE provide expert consultancy around how best to align your IT operations to the goals of your organisation.

We understand how technology enables business functions, and how that fails when technology isn’t adopted effectively or properly aligned with Trust aspirations. Using our Digital Transformation methodology, based on industry principles including TOGAF and Enterprise Architecture, we will help you assess the efficacy of your people, process and technologies, and ascertain how best to create a more relevant and future ready IT operating environment.  

Let’s look at today

We consult on facts not assumptions. So, we’ll complete a series of assessments and interviews based on your current situation based on People, Processes and Technology to establish what’s best for you and your organisation.

What is the vision?

Our expert consultants like to do things a little differently. So instead of ‘you leaving us to it’, we’ll work together to create a more relevant IT model that aligns to the vision, goals and objectives of your organisation.


Once we establish where you are and where you want to be on your IT journey, our experts will build a roadmap to get you there.

Five Year Forward View

Enabling you to provide accurate data to finance teams for capital replacement programme forecasts, CAE’s 5 Year Forward View reviews all IT asset lifecycles to predict budget required, and presents it in a clear and straightforward management report.

After identifying every device connected to your network and creating a comprehensive database, CAE can deliver critical information on your legacy systems including number of devices, age, risks and replacement priorities through a simple dashboard that updates weekly, giving you a live view of your entire estate.

The resulting 5 Year Forward View translates this information into a set of short and long term replacement priorities broken down year by year along with predicted costs, and delivers a clear business case for investment in infrastructure renewal and upgrades in a non-technical, board-friendly format.

Automation & DevOps

Transform for growth and innovation with a modern network that enables rapid deployment of new applications and services. Our DevOps capabilities enable customisation and change at pace and scale, combining people, processes and technology to help you achieve your business goals faster. Make changes across your entire estate in seconds with single click upgrades, automated processes and zero-touch deployment.  It allows you to; 

  • Improve control and visibility
  • Reduce costs
  • Eliminate human errors
  • Automate repetitive tasks  
  • Strengthen security

We know CAE will always deliver. As a hospital, we’re dynamic and sometimes need to act quickly to support transformation. Often time is of the essence. With CAE, we can pick up the phone — and they will help.”

Matthew Poxon, Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust

Network Infrastructure Assessment

Keeping track of network inventory, licenses, end of life dates, hardware and software alerts can be time consuming and complicated. CAE have developed the Agility Intelligence service to help you understand exactly what is on your network, and to identify potential vulnerabilities and prevent unexpected problems.

By remotely collecting network data then analysing and presenting it in a clear, easy to read active dashboard format, Agility Intelligence Online (see screen shot) can help you maintain, support and plan your Cisco infrastructure replacements, while minimising downtime and business operation interruptions.

The resulting 5 Year Forward View translates this information into a set of short and long term replacement priorities broken down year by year along with predicted costs, and delivers a clear business case for investment in infrastructure renewal and upgrades in a non-technical, board-friendly format. 

Cybersecurity Review

Hidden threats and vulnerabilities exist on every network. Even the strictest security policies and most up-to-date systems struggle to find them but there is another way. With CAE you can conduct the industry’s leading non-obtrusive examination of your network traffic.

Our Cybersecurity Review reveals the hidden threats and applications that are making your network vulnerable. There’s no guesswork involved. Your report shares verified, data-driven findings and action points for addressing your security weaknesses, providing you with insights you need to minimise risk to your business.  

CAE Managed Services

Peace of mind is knowing your network infrastructure is being expertly managed so staff can focus on projects and innovation.

Don’t let management tasks draw your teams away from the important stuff. We can expand your resources with technical specialists, best-in-class tools and effort-saving remote management – all while helping you control costs. It’s a simple, efficient route to greater IT peace of mind.

As networks grow in size and complexity, they naturally become more costly and time-consuming to manage. Our managed network services package up the skills, tools and services you need with transparent pricing. We act as an extension of your own team, with the expertise you only get from building and maintaining networks every day. You can count on a highly available network, and your staff are freed to work on high-value tasks.

Talk to our NHS Experts

When it comes to your Trusts infrastructure our experts are here to help.


At CAE we have the people and the approach to deliver your desired outcome.