Networking – Our DNA

Networking has been our DNA for over 20 years. Today many of the places you shop, eat, visit or take services from are underpinned with a network delivered by CAE’s network experts.

You’re in safe hands with CAE.

Software-Defined Intuitive Networks

Simplify and reduce the costs of network operations. With SDN you can also adapt faster, remediate risk and be ready to scale.

Your network is growing.

But that doesn’t have to mean more complexity, risk or spiralling costs.

We’re here to help you create a network you can build your future on. Benefit from simple management, modern security, effort-saving automation and standardisation that enables you to use open technologies.

Simplify with automation
Thanks to automation, what used to take hours now takes seconds. Everything is programmable and managed centrally. That means enhanced visibility, easier provisioning of new equipment, and greater agility when requirements change.
Improve network security
Reduce the potential for human error by eliminating team interaction with day-to-day network changes wherever possible - by implementing structured, verified and automated change. You can apply a consistent security posture for all devices and a more consistent security configuration for your infrastructure – network-wide, in moments. You have more granular and centralised control over access privileges and authentication policies.
Agility and flexibility
Empowering teams to work anywhere using the right applications, cloud or on premised based, is the goal for many businesses pursuing digital transformation. With CAE your users can enjoy the freedom to connect to any part of your network, with the environment autoconfiguring with the right settings for both the user and the application.

Software-defined networks

Software-defined networking (SDN) makes your network easier to manage. Key operations are programmable, so you can automate tasks and configure new equipment faster. Our SDN solutions help you improve network performance, security, control and flexibility.

More flexibility in the network means you can apply changes rapidly. These changes can include setting up a new branch or deploying applications in your own data centre. They’re all simpler with SDN.

"CAE showed an unmatched ability to understand our business model and translate it into a solution that was exciting and made clear financial sense."

Alex Luff, Principality Stadium

Network Security

Threats keep growing. You need to build in security that intelligently protects your network.

Only multi-layer security that predicts, detects and responds to incidents can meet today’s challenges.

We can integrate your complete solution.

Protect everything with a zero-trust network
Trust nothin on (or outside) your network, and you verify everything. It’s a major advancement in managing threats, which removes complacency and makes sure every single risk to your network is addressed. We can help you transition from a legacy system to a zero-trust approach iteratively, so you can avoid big costs and evolve your network security with minimal disruption.
Simplify access control
When you can identify and segment all the users, devices and traffic on your network, you have the control you need to protect your business. With our solutions, you can easily define policies on who can use each part of the network from specific devices and locations.
Defend against advanced malware
Detecting malware as it enters the network is not enough, because advanced threats don’t activate until they’ve already breached your defences. Our solutions enable you to continuously monitor your network, so you can detect dormant infections as they become active, using the latest threat intelligence.
Harness artificial intelligence and machine learning to stop attacks
Machine learning systems can analyse huge volumes of network traffic and respond to threats in real-time. AI and machine learning also continuously learn about normal and suspicious behaviour on your network, to keep enhancing security over time. Empower your teams and increase efficiency with cognitive security from CAE.
Protect your users and customers
Whether by clicking a malicious link or using infected media, many data breaches start with one employee’s carelessness or lack of security awareness. This can impact your customers’ businesses as well as your own. We can help you minimise risk with user-focused security which automatically blocks dangerous websites and quarantines risky email attachments. Your users are protected from themselves, and your network is protected from harm.
Secure mobile and wireless
Mobile and wireless working boosts productivity, but it’s also a top target for cyber criminals. We can help you establish enterprise-class security, with complete control of device connections and strong data encryption.

Why is modern network security essential?

Security threats have advanced in number and sophistication, to the point where a data breach or service disruption is practically inevitable. The growth of the digital footprint is giving cyber criminals more opportunities to attack.

We can help you deploy modern network security with many layers, including user access, cognitive prediction and real-time detection, plus automated security responses – right across the network.

Cloud Connectivity

Build the right foundation to realise the value of cloud.

Public cloud services and private cloud solutions can give your business more flexibility, scalability and value. But you need the right network, with simplified management, to deliver a smooth cloud experience to your users.

We can help you take the right path to public, private and hybrid cloud.

Simplify cloud management
Cloud is supposed to give you value and agility - but if you have to manage every cloud separately, that value starts to evaporate. We can help you extend your on-premises network control into the cloud, giving you a more consistent management and configuration experience. You have full control, management is simplified, and you can fully realise the value of cloud.
Be sure your network is performing
Cloud-connected networks sprawl far beyond your data centre - so how can you monitor and manage performance at the network edge? We offer network technology that intelligently verifies connectivity across the entire network. When outages or threats arise, you have the visibility and insight to handle them fast.
Ensure security and performance
When you use a wide array of cloud services, they can become cumbersome to manage and difficult to secure. We can help you adapt your network for use with multiple cloud platforms. Performance becomes more predictable and reliable.
Cloud in your data centre
Create a seamless multi-cloud experience by integrating popular platforms including AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform in your data centre. With connectivity to all your cloud services, flexible cloud services become part of your infrastructure.
Easily and flexibly change providers
Gain the capability to quickly and easily move between cloud and SaaS providers. With CAE, you have the flexibility to always use the right services for your needs.

What is cloud connectivity?

Your network is the gateway to a huge range of flexible public cloud services, plus secure private cloud solutions. Yet managing cloud connections can be overly complex if public services aren’t well integrated.

We’re here to help you evolve your network to support your cloud strategy.

Network Analytics

Networks don’t stand still. Gain insights to keep driving performance and resilience.

From business growth to new workloads, the network is always facing new demands. So, how can you maintain performance during spikes, and deal with issues before they impact your business?

The answers are in your network data. Gain actionable insights and automate tasks with CAE.

Predict and prevent issues
Tap into your real-time and historical data analytics to predict issues and reveal insights that help make your network more secure and reliable. When issues start to emerge, you know about them fast and can act decisively to protect your business. With our solutions, analytics tools also learn and adapt over time, so you can detect and resolve issues with increasing efficiency.
Meet key goals with intelligent network assurance
You need to protect uptime, security and performance across your entire network, even when you’re making changes. We can help you use intelligent network assurance to verify network-wide behaviour, predict the effects of changes, and enforce your security and compliance policies.
Reduce management effort
With one interface to monitor and control your whole network, plus automation for routine tasks, you’ll spend less time and money on management.
Gain full network visibility
From users to devices and applications, you can see everything that happens on your network. As your network grows in size and complexity, you can easily monitor and manage security, connectivity and performance issues.
Stay at the cutting edge
Our network analytics solutions are built on an industry-leading platform that continually evolves, ensuring you always have the most valuable, accurate and actionable network insights.

What is network analytics?

Significant volumes of data pass through your network. Why not extract more value from it, Big Data-style, to continuously optimise performance, security and cost-efficiency?

Built-in network analytics systems analyse your traffic in real-time, and present actionable insights to help you protect and assure your network. We can help you implement the right analytics solution and increase network value over time, even if IT budgets stay flat.