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Don’t let data centre technology management tasks draw your teams away from the important stuff.

We have a range of services that will give you greater insights into your data centre through to providing a full technology managed service.

It’s the simple, efficient route to greater data centre peace of mind.

Network Services

Peace of mind is knowing your network is expertly handled so your staff can focus on what's important to your business.

Don’t let network management tasks draw your teams away from the important stuff.

We have a range of services that will give you greater insights into your network through to providing a full network managed service.

It’s the simple, efficient route to greater network peace of mind.

Network Managed Services

As networks grow in size and complexity, they naturally become more costly and time-consuming to manage. Our managed network services package up the skills, tools and services you need with transparent pricing. We act as an extension of your own team, with the expertise you only get from building and maintaining networks every day. You can count on a highly available network, and your staff are freed to work on high-value tasks.

Network Assessment

Gain a clear understanding of your environment, with a unique service that helps you make the right investments for the future.

Get a comprehensive analysis of your existing network, which identifies challenges and opportunities for improvement and optimisation. Security, growth, performance, cost savings – with our detailed assessment, you’ll have the right knowledge to plan your network to meet these goals and more.

Network Security Assessment

Know your weaknesses so you can increase security strength.

However robust your security policies seem, you can’t address hidden vulnerabilities until you identify them. With a non-intrusive, industry-leading process, we can root out threats in your applications, network traffic and content. We highlight your biggest risks, suggest your pirorities and then can then help you mitigate them.

"CAE took the time to understand our business and the journey we wanted to go on. CAE worked in direct partnership with the force technical teams in taking ownership of issues and finding appropriate solutions.."

Dan Cooper, Northamptonshire Police

Network Consultancy

When it comes to your future we can work together to ensure you maximise your opportunities.

Your network is the foundation upon which you can build your business further. Whether you want to innovate, improve operational efficiencies or be more agile to business needs, our consultants have the experience and the passion to guide you there.

Network Transformation

Transform your network for the world of connected data.

Modern networking is a foundation of the digital, data-driven business. We provide the insights and end-to-end solutions you need to evolve your legacy infrastructure and build a network that delivers value – such as improved efficiency and performance – sooner than you might expect.

Network Automation

Use advanced automation that enables your engineers to focus on what really matters.

You expect your network to deliver value around the clock, serve thousands of users, defend against cyber threats, connect devices, workloads and people. But if all this requires human oversight, how efficient can it really be? We help you use the best automation technologies to maximise network availability, protection, simplicity and efficiency.

Network Security

Network security is growing more complex by the day. Tame it.

Network threats, and the security solutions designed to stop them, are getting more sophisticated all the time. With CAE, you have an expert security partner with leading technology alliances and the experience to advise you on the right solution for your threat profile. From infrastructure to access and protecting users and devices, we help you trust your network.

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