Technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace introducing an inevitable impact on the people and processes critical in its successful adoption. Set against the uncertain macroeconomic and social environments the world finds itself in this impact is greatly compounded.


What if individuals and organisations could focus their finite resources on real business outcomes, generating innovation and growth without the distraction of traditional infrastructure challenges?


CAE have developed the DNA Nucleus app which aims to address this challenge by leveraging the power of the Cisco DNA Center and Meraki Platform APIs. It enables rapid device provisioning coupled with the ability to automatically convert configurations from legacy networking devices to the Catalyst and Meraki networking solutions, allowing effort to be focused where it is needed most.


Large scale deployments have always had associated challenges. With a traditional box by box configuration approach to networking, the only way to reduce time in replacing legacy infrastructure or adding new deployments is to increase the number of people assigned to a project.


Any unforeseen circumstances or errors can cause costs to spiral and timelines to be missed. Network infrastructure projects form the foundation to larger digital transformations so delays can cause serious knock-on effects on product launch, market penetration and reputation. In the Healthcare industry, there can be life and death consequences.


An integrated app-first approach for network onboarding and migration projects gives hugely valuable customer benefits, get in contact with us today to arrange a walk through with our automation practise team.