Data Centre Infrastructure

Investing in infrastructure isn’t about spending a lot on more performance and capacity.

The modern data centre is designed to help you reduce operational costs, simplify operations and react fast to new needs and opportunities.

With CAE, you can plan and implement infrastructure investments that quickly return value.

On-premise private cloud infrastructure is the place to run critical workloads and store sensitive data with maximum responsiveness and security.

On-premise infrastructure is your private cloud and can mean smaller long-term operational costs compared to public cloud.

CAE can also help you reduce capital outlay with pay-as-you-use options.
Multi Cloud
Today’s forward-thinking businesses are adopting multi-cloud strategies that make applications, workloads and data rapidly portable between private and public clouds.

The advantage is the extreme flexibility to scale and ability to move workloads to the best-value and most appropriate environment.

With CAE you can transform your data centre into a hybrid multi-cloud environment with almost limitless potential.
Edge Computing
Instead of relying solely on the cloud at a far away data centre for computing and data storage, edge computing enables you to process data much closer to the source - and faster. Therefore this places less strain on your main data centre and can offer better user experiences as your applications are more responsive.

At CAE we can help you implement edge computing to reduce your bandwidth needs and therefore costs, place less strain on your main data centre and offer better user experiences.


As your data centre expands, the scope and complexity of your network can grow.

At CAE, we will provide you with a network that adapts quickly to its changing needs, provide automation, scale and consistency across your on-premise and public cloud instances.

We are here to help you ensure your network delivers both now and in the future.

Software-defined networks
As we introduce flexibility and automation in the data centre, the network needs to respond. Key operations are programmable so you can automate tasks based on your workloads, enabling you to accelerate the deployment of business applications.

Our SDN solutions help you improve your network security, control and provide flexibility both in the public cloud and on-premise.
Agility and flexibility
Empowering teams to work anywhere using cloud-based applications is the goal for many businesses pursuing digital transformation. And when traditional WAN setups can’t handle the load, our software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) solutions give you robust and reliable cloud and mobile working for all your users, wherever they roam.
Improve network security
ople are your network’s weakest link – people make mistakes. We can help you remove as much human interaction as possible from day-to-day network changes, reducing your potential for error.

You can apply a consistent security posture for all devices and a more logical security configuration for your infrastructure – network-wide, in moments. Providing you with more granular and centralised control over access privileges and authentication policies based on both user, application and workload types, automatically.
Simplify management
What used to take your network manager hours, now takes seconds. Your network is now programmable and managed centrally, you can automate troubleshooting, root-cause analysis and troubleshooting. This means enhanced visibility, quicker responsiveness to change, and greater agility when requirements change.

Regardless of whether your data centre is on-premise or in the public cloud.

"CAE saw all the challenges and solved them. This project succeeded on two fronts — providing a bespoke, advanced technical solution combined with a commercial model that suited our client precisely."

Nicky Stewart, UK Cloud

Management and Orchestration

The data centre is constantly facing new challenges and dynamic demand.

To keep your business productive, you need to maintain performance during demand spikes and fix issues before they do damage.

CAE can help you manage the data centre with smarter insights and efficient automation.

Turn data into insight with infrastructure analytics
Sigificant volumes of data pass through your infrastructure.

Why not extract more value from it, Big Data-style, to continuously optimise performance, security and cost efficiency? You can analyse workloads in real-time and gain actionable insights, which help you protect application performance.

CAE can help you implement the right analytics solution and increase the value of your infrastructure over time.
Predict and prevent issues
Use real-time and historical analytics to spot issues faster and resolve them decisively.

Your data centre becomes more effective and reliable, meaning your business is protected.
Protect availability with intelligent infrastructure monitoring
Keep your entire estate secure and performant, even when making changes. Infrastructure monitoring helps you verify enterprise-wide behaviour, predict the effects of changes, and enforce your security and compliance policies.
Simplify management
With integrated monitoring and control of your whole environment, plus automation for routine tasks, you’ll save time and expense.
See previously hidden activity
See every user, device, application… everything that is using your data centre resources.

With complete visibility of your environments, you can easily monitor and manage security, capacity and performance issues, even as the data centre grows.
Stay at the cutting edge
CAE infrastructure analytics solutions are built on an industry-leading platform that continually evolves, so you always have the most valuable, accurate and actionable insights.


We all know our cyber security risk is growing. You need practical solutions, and the right support to deal with these risks and protect your business.

Here’s where to start for answers to your data centre security challenges.

Multi-layer approach
For security to be effective, you need a multi-layer approach. As data security encompasses many kinds of threats and each threat needs to be addressed by a specific technology solution.
Control your perimeter
Then, you need to control your perimeter, regardless of where it is.

Your physical data centre, the public cloud and the content in your SaaS applications need to be controlled with breach detection, prevention and security automation.
You need to provide automation across your data centre, removing the ability for breaches to occur through miss configuration and the ability for the environment to respond automatically to a breach.
Security analytics
You require threat visibility and security analytics across your data centre networks and your public cloud environments.
Protect your workloads
And you need to protect your workloads with full application visibility and segmentation.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

There are some workloads and data, your business can’t run without.

CAE helps you protect them from almost every conceivable disaster with a backup and DR strategy and solutions tailored for your business.

Maintain high availability (HA)
Recover from an outage and restore both data and applications quickly. HA solutions from CAE protect your complete environment and keep your business running.
Replicate and recover data
Automatically synchronise data at an off-site location so that it can be restored to a recent recovery point.
Optimise efficiency
Eliminate the cost of backup and DR hardware with cloud-based solutions from CAE. Improve economics with cost-saving features such as de-duplication, which increases backup capacity, across all solutions.
Simplify resilience
Make deployment and management easy with integrated backup and DR solutions. CAE can analyse your needs and help you select the best fit for your business.
Protect your workloads
And you need to protect your workloads with full application visibility and segmentation.
Cyber Resilience
Backup and Disaster Recovery are one part in ensuring an organisation is cyber resilient.

In an environment where virtualisation and cloud computing are common elements, the attack surface is ever expanding. And with visibility and control under pressure, it can leave your organisation at risk.

CAE can help you protect your recovery data with an air-gapped architecture that prevents your backup data from being accessed by the wrong users and applications.

Data Storage and Management

Information is the currency of every modern business, and the volume of data each business holds is expanding rapidly.

CAE can help you use your data capital – the value of the data you create and own – by building the right strategy for managing and capitalising on your digital assets.

And while storing data is a growing expense, we can help increase storage ROI by improving storage efficiency, availability and data insight.

Unlock the value of your data
It’s estimated that less than 10% of today’s corporate data is searchable. Meanwhile, around 80% of data is unstructured and requires the right tools to make it secure and usable. CAE can help you consolidate, virtualize and manage stored data, transforming it into an accessible resource.
Keep data secure
Protect data from theft and loss by selecting the right storage and data centre technologies for your business needs. At the petabyte scale, object storage maintains resilience with self-healing capabilities.
Maximise efficiency and performance
Fast flash storage comes at a premium, slow HDD, tape and cloud storage is economical. Intelligent storage tiers know which data needs to be fast and puts it on SSD. Rarely used data goes elsewhere.

You get high-performance storage for less.
Could cloud be the answer?

We can tell you by looking at not only the cost for capacity, but we will include access and transaction costs for a complete picture.

You will understand the exit strategy and what you need to do to ensure your data is protected too.


Much of today’s technological advances are delivered in software. With the rise of commodity hardware and the pace of development that today’s products require, developing solutions in software is becoming the norm.

It’s not just embedded software but the operating systems and applications we use every day.

Keeping track of your licensing can be time consuming while the effort required to keep pace with version updates is considerable.

Software defined everything
We are in the era of software defined - software defined networks, software defined storage, software defined infrastructure. Deploying software defined technologies enables dynamic configuration and builds into a programmable environment that is designed for automation.

Software defined systems can come together.

Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) is becoming commonplace. HCI is a combination of software that includes server, network and storage virtualisation that delivers software defined infrastructure.
Make the software work
These software technologies can help deliver IT transformation and make your infrastructure ready for the next stage of your growth.

They use a cloud-like operating model to deliver flexibility, security and automation that traditional systems just can’t. And when you are ready to think cloud, they can evolve to private cloud, multi-cloud and eventually cloud native.

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