How can we migrate and adopt cloud technologies that will take our business forward?

We will help you breakdown the buzzwords and jargon, and build you a bespoke cloud strategy that makes business and financial sense to you.

Private cloud, public cloud or multi cloud?

We have a range of assessment services that, when combined with our expert consultancy, get you started on your cloud journey.

You need to understand how you use technology and applications. Profile your applications and build a picture of the workloads. Identify operational improvements by utilising cloud services. Conduct a detailed cost analysis breakdown of specific services and then consider how you manage cloud costs and efficiency.

How can we simplify our data centre processes and systems?

Your resources applications, workloads and infrastructure are expensive and time-consuming to manage. Simplifying your operations and making them easy to scale alongside future growth is easier said than done.

Modern cloud services make easy, manageable IT resources available to all. They enable you to meet pressures to reduce IT costs, simplify operations and automate many traditional data centre tasks.

We help you define what your business needs today and help build a strategy for tomorrow.

You’ll need to think about workloads; converged and hyperconverged infrastructure; software-defined or as-a-service infrastructure solutions; modernising applications to migrate them to cloud; policy-based management; insights and analytics; the right mix of on-premise, cloud and multi-cloud infrastructure, the list can be exhaustive.

Do we have the right digital preservation strategy?

When it comes to protecting historical data you have to ask whether it should be archived or is there a need for digital preservation?

Digital preservation is appropriate for data that needs to be retained for at least 10 years and protected from change or deletion.

You need to adopt the right technologies and processes for archiving and long-term data retention.

You need to assess and select the best type of storage software, including open source and commercial applications, for your use case. Choose between cloud and on-premises storage. Although on-premises storage can offer greater long-term cost-efficiency as well as simplified backup and migration it’s not right for everyone.

How can we create a strategy that allows us to work seamlessly and securely?

Cloud is not a location. It is a business model that gives you flexibility and agility to choose the right resources for your workloads. You need to build a safe and secure cloud strategy that gives you maximum value and potential for growth.

Here’s how you can get started.

Building your internal systems to operate as a private cloud is the first step.

You need to use a consistent operating model and simplified management for your private, public and edge locations so they all operate as one.

Only then can you seamlessly move workloads to the right location and flex out into the cloud when you need more horsepower. All this, without compromising your security and compliance requirements.

How can we implement the right backup and disaster recovery solution for our business?

The ability to recover quickly from an IT failure protects your business continuity and defends you from the high costs of unplanned downtime. Many businesses backup their data – but it is the fast recovery of both data and systems that will save your business.

The first step is understanding what you do today.

We can assess your business requirements to identify the gaps and build the backup and recovery strategy you require. Finding the correct solution can involve one or more technologies. CAE has the experience and expertise to build the perfect solution.

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