Data Centre Services

Peace of mind is knowing your data centre technology is expertly handled so your staff can focus on what's important to your business.

Don’t let data centre technology management tasks draw your teams away from the important stuff.

We have a range of services that will give you greater insights into your data centre through to providing a full technology managed service.

It’s the simple, efficient route to greater data centre peace of mind.

Managed Services

As your data centre infrastructure grows in size and complexity, it naturally become more costly and time-consuming to manage. Our managed services package up the skills, tools and services you need with transparent pricing. We act as an extension of your own team, with expertise you only get from building and maintaining complex environments every day. You can count on a highly available infrastructure, and your staff are free to work on high-value tasks.

Data Centre Assessment

Build a future-proof infrastructure roadmap that drives your success.

Get a comprehensive analysis of your existing infrastructure and how newer technologies could improve it, so you can make the right investment for the future.

Multi-cloud, growth, performance, cost savings – with our detailed assessment, you’ll have the right knowledge to plan your infrastructure to meet these goals and more.

Deployment Services

Nailing deployment sets you up for success.

Getting your new technology up and running quickly enables you to realise the maximum value from your new investments. Knowing that the deployment team are certified and experienced gives you peace of mind that things will be right, first time.

"It’s universally agreed that this was one of our most successful projects of the year. Downtime was minimal and not a single WAN change was reversed - CAE got it right first time."

Chris Tyler, Engie UK

Data Vulnerability Assessment

Know your weaknesses so you can increase security strength.

However robust your security policies seem; you can’t address hidden vulnerabilities until you identify them. With a non-intrusive, industry-leading process, we can root out threats in your applications, network traffic and content. We highlight your biggest risks, then help you mitigate them.

If your business is like most others, you likely use a range of third-party applications and software-as-a-service (SaaS). Your storage also handles many different content types and user needs. They all represent a risk, but you can’t know the dangers and secure your business until you conduct a forensic assessment.

We’ll show you exactly where threats lie.

Data Storage Assessment

Transform your network for the world of connected data.

Data is a significant growth area for all businesses, but all data isn’t created equal.

Unchecked, the costs for storing and protecting your data can spiral. Our data assessment service will help you understand where your key data assets are and what they’re costing you.

We’ll work with your business to understand what you need from the data and how you use it. We’ll also factor in compliance and regulatory constraints to ensure you’re doing the right thing and spending the budget in the right places.

People, Approach & Outcomes

It’s our people, approach and outcomes that distinguish us from others.

We strive to build long term relationships and dedicate the time to understand your requirements.

Our people – our experts – combine their market knowledge with insights into your specific needs to help you adopt the most relevant technology for your business and achieve your desired outcomes.

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