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The Dark Web is a collection of thousands of websites that use anonymity tools to hide their IP address or identity. In theory, it prevents anyone from matching the traffic’s origin with its destination.

The Dark Web can be used for good but is more often used for bad. It’s quite common to hear on the news about organisations being hacked and suffering data breaches.  No industry is safe and various well-known companies have fallen victim such as ISP’s, airlines, banks and even defence agencies.  Usually data stolen from these organisations will end up on the Dark Web. These credentials are made available to purchase and are used by cybercriminals for financial or political gain such as fraudulent transactions or cyber-attacks.

Things are compounded further by todays way of living and working. Individuals use dozens of web and smart device applications daily. Employees will more than likely use their work email to log in to these sites and human behaviour patterns guarantee that some of them are reusing passwords, potentially the same ones they use to log in to the work domain.


CAE’s Dark Web Monitoring service gathers threat intelligence about stolen user data associated with your organisation’s domain, you can be alerted when a compromised e-mail is detected, then respond to stop a potentially costly and widespread data breach.

Our service searches for an organisations e-mail addresses and any corresponding passwords or other personally identifiable information (PII) which may have been compromised and made available. Not only can we monitor domain e-mail addresses but also several personal mail addresses. These will usually be senior or c-level employees.

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Discovery if an e-mail address associated with your organisation has been compromised and made available on the Dark Web.

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