The Cyber Threat Landscape

Changing Your Mindset To The Cyber Threat Landscape

Take a look at cyber threats from a different angle

Sometimes it is good to look at something from a different angle.  We think that should apply to cyber threats which is why we at CAE have developed a refreshing approach to this in conjunction with our partners.  It’s all about educating and advising organisations as well as challenging existing perceptions.

CAE’s has a three stage approach:

Stage 1 – The CAE Cyber Threat Workshop 

  • a free 4 hr workshop exclusively for your organisation that covers
  • Threat Intelligence update – The session is designed to provide you with an insight in to Threat Intelligence and how attacks are developed, deployed and mitigated against. We will spend some time walking through the lifecycle of an actual cyber-attack.
  • Modernised cyber-attack in action – What the global threat scene currently looks like, real-time view of current landscape specific to the vertical of your organisation.

Stage 2 – CAE Cyber Security Review & Report

  • The free review captures information across your environments over a number of weeks.  A member of the Information Security or Network team will be needed to support getting this off the ground, however, only a limited amount of their time is required.
  • The report, which is also free, provides actionable intelligence around the applications, URL traffic, types of content, and threats traversing the network, including recommendations that can be employed to reduce your organisation’s overall risk exposure.

Stage 3 – The CAE Solution 

Based upon your organisations objectives and stance, the current threat landscape and the findings and recommendations from the cyber-security review we would look to propose a plan of action which could include;

  • evolving your security strategy
  • future-state security architecture
  • short term remediation
  • future security education

Why not start your journey with CAE’s FREE Cyber Threat Workshop it could save you a lot of hassle and stress down the line.


If you are interested in learning how to improve your cyber security posture in a refreshing approach that purposely looks to educate and advise you rather than sell to you then don’t hold back – contact us today.


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