CTO View Point

There is a lot of talk (perhaps excessive talk) in the media of disruption in business, Disrupt or be Disrupted is a phrase often mentioned. While there are some very high profile examples that get overly mentioned regularly (Airbnb, Uber and Netflix to name a few) that have very much changed the business model in their sector, for any organisation to remain relevant they need to adapt.

Using IT as the enabler, organisations can adapt their engagement models with customers, improve employee productivity and optimise their operations to ensure they stay relevant in their sector.

The three core solution areas offered by CAE are directly aligned to this Digital Transformation of business whilst ensuring policies, external governance and certifications are adhered too. All delivered with a strong and robust security thread protecting the most valuable elements of your business, your data and ultimately your brand.

  • Digital Workplace empowers your users to be more productive and creative. Interactions internally and with your customers are improved
  • Data Centre – your business needs a data centre that is agile and capable of change, delivering flexibility to position your workloads and data where it is most appropriate
  • Network – linking everything together, allowing your users to connect and collaborate seamlessly wherever they are, ensuring your datacentres can communicate with each other regardless of if they are within your own environments or delivered within the public cloud