What is Cisco SecureX?

From our recent IT security report, one in four IT Professionals always have a bad day at work, so we are ready to help you turn that around and create More Good Days, starting with how Cisco SecureX can help you prepare & protect against potential cyber attacks.

Our Networking & Security Technologist Gísli Helgason, takes you through what SecureX does and the benefits of adding it to your cyber security toolkit. 

What does SecureX do?

SecureX is a cloud-native platform designed to meet today’s security challenges within businesses. It creates a fully integrated ecosystem, of multi-vendor products as well as Cisco’s, to enable threat intelligence sharing and coordinated response.

SecureX incidents

This is the XDR element of Cisco SecureX. This is where your analysts look at incidents, enrich the data and if necessary, take action to contain or block the threat all within a single platform. Cisco estimate that you can reduce the time to respond to and remediate an attack by 85%.

SecureX Orchestration

SecureX Orchestration enables you to automate your security processes.  This is achieved by using a simple, yet highly effective drag and drop, no code / low code environment, with a choice of 76 out of the box workflows.

There are further functionalities for more advanced requirements needing Python with almost 400 python modules available for your python applications.

SecureX Insights

SecureX Insights collects information about your endpoints from all the supported Cisco products as well as several supported third parties. This includes Meraki Systems Manager, Microsoft Intune, AirWatch and other MDM providers. The information collected is presented in one unified view, showing you all the information available on that endpoint in one place.

Cisco Secure Client, previously known as AnyConnect, can now manage the Secure Client configuration directly from the SecureX Insights. This provides simple, cloud-based management of the endpoint configuration.

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Can I use SecureX?

SecureX is at no additional cost for anyone who’s purchased a qualifying Cisco Secure product. This includes Cisco Secure Firewall (Firepower), Cisco Secure Endpoint (AMP), Cisco Umbrella to name a few.

Once you have one product that entitles you to access to SecureX, you can integrate it with any number of 3rd party or Cisco products., giving you access to the entire platform with additional features.

It will work with anything that has a REST API, giving you more good days. It also won't limit you to only Cisco products, with out of the box integrations with tools like Microsoft Graph and Service Now. If you’re running something less common, CAE can help you create bespoke integrations for your security solution.

In some cases, you may need to upgrade the software on the device to make it compatible, but it’s generally a very simple task to onboard Cisco products.

Why do I need SecureX?

From our research report, where we surveyed over 200 IT professionals on IT Security, 62% say security risks and pressures from their employers have increased. SecureX gives your IT security team the ability to do more with less, through automating repetitive tasks, simplifying incident response and providing visibility into your security alerts in one easy to use dashboard.

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