Webinar Recording: The Future of Securing Your Business

The unprecedent situation that organisations in the UK have faced in June 2020 meant many of them are starting to reimagine how they will conduct their operations in the future.

This was going to impact IT departments who would have to rethink their plans and reprioritise their budgets.  This webinar took a look at one of those impacted areas – information security.

This webinar was for IT/IS directors and managers looking to gain an insight into how this was going to shortly impact their working lives as;

Justin Harling, CEO at CAE Technology Services shared the key insights from discussions he has had with CAE customers around how their operations would evolve in the future and the impact this would have on how they go about securing their business.

Greg Day from Palo Alto Networks has found himself central to many businesses discussions around how they can still secure their business as they start to evolve.  Greg shared some of the key challenges that he sees customers having and how to overcome them.