Dell Cyber Recovery Webinar Recording- Tuesday 2nd August

A practical discussion and demonstration from CAE’s Dell Cyber Security experts to implement a cyber recovery solution
Data is critical to running every organisation. When that data is compromised the impact on operations and revenue is disastrous. Cyber criminals are targeting your data.

Traditional backup and disaster recovery are simply no longer adequate to protect your organisation and ensure its recovery and survival from a cyber-attack.

In this webinar CAE will discuss what a cyber recovery solution is and why you need one; how it differs from the protection you currently have in place and how we can implement Dell technology to provide a reliable cyber recovery strategy appropriate for your organisation.

This webinar covers:

  • Understanding potential cyber security risks
  • Cybersecurity, Resilience & Recovery: How can your organisation deliver intended business outcomes, even when a worst-case scenario strikes.
  • Why Disaster Recovery and insurance are not enough
  • Good, Better, Best approach and practices.

  • Demo

  • CAE Dell Cyber Recovery solution overview:
    Good Solution
    Better Solution
    Best Solution


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