Trophy Hunting: The Customer Benefits of Winning Awards

When CAE won an unprecedented 5 awards at last year’s Cisco Partner Summit in Dallas, Texas, we knew what it meant to us – years of hard work and dedication had paid off (and we would need extra baggage allowance on the flight home). It also meant that not only were our customers telling us that our unique service led approach was the best way of working, but the industry was recognising that too.

In a year when CAE saw 62% growth and rapidly rising employee numbers, the awards were a further endorsement of the relationship centred approach we take with customers, new and old, acting as a true partner and trusted advisor, taking time to understand each and every requirement and ensuring effective adoption of solutions. We understood this was a significant win for CAE’s innovative service led, customer focused business model.

What we didn’t realise was how our customers and prospects would benefit from our success.

Our approach and our people are what differentiates CAE from the competition and winning the Cisco awards led to other businesses approaching CAE to find out what made us different to their own suppliers.

We’ve been able to progress at a more rapid rate, moving forward and scaling our uniquely flexible and agile approach, ensuring that even more customers can benefit from our personalised advice and support.

Our employees have always been passionate about supporting customer success, but this vendor endorsement of their hard work, dedication and professionalism has made them even more motivated to exceed expectations, adding even more value each and every time.

With the increased visibility and recognition, we have attracted new talent, so we can provide more specialist staff to respond to our customers’ specific needs faster and more efficiently than ever.

As the business grows, we have invested in more offices around the country, giving us greater geographical reach and providing more local support, so customers can expect the same personalised service and relationships, irrespective of where they are based.

Being publicly recognised as an industry leader by Cisco was a fantastic accolade, and we are proud to be considered the most valued partner. Our excellent working relationship ensures we have the most up to date, in-depth knowledge of Cisco solutions and the best joint approach in how to get the most out of an investment into IT infrastructure, and deliver even more focused help when it is needed most.

In summary, the benefits of our successful partnership with Cisco translate directly to our partnerships with our customers. And as our customers have always been central to everything we do, we are delighted that they can share in our award winning success.