The Word of the Week is Productivity

"The word of the week (or is it the DECADE) is productivity” so said Simon Jack Business Editor for the BBC recently.

Over the past few weeks the papers, social media and of course BBC news have been wall to wall to wall with the post budget doom and gloom for the prospects for the UK economy and in particular its effect on the real wages of British workers. There has been no growth in the average salary for over ten years and the root cause of this enduring gloom is our collective inability to improve the productivity of that most valuable resource – people!

For too long business leaders have simply overcome their output issues by employing more cheap labour, hence the nearly full employment that we have ‘enjoyed’ over the same period.

There is a better way!

We have just about maxed out on the personal productivity improvements achievable with tools such as PC’s, mobiles and workplace automation but the potential to unlock innovation and creativity through human interaction is still vastly underestimated by most C level executives.

Yes, Collaboration is the key to delivering that elusive productivity gain, if only we could encourage business to fully invest in the technologies that releases this potential.