The Data Podcast #6: The Impact on NHS I.T. in todays world

The sixth of a series of podcasts from 2020  that takes a closer look at TECHNOLOGY

Guest speakers from a range of organisations give their insights into market trends, use technology, the challenges in IT and how it is adapting to meet the changing needs of the customer and the world around us.

In this podcast James Melhuish of CAE talks to James Troman the Data Centre Director at Dell Technologies and CAE’s own Luke Percy who focuses on the NHS.

The discussion covered COVID-19, the immediate impact and how partners and vendors supported the NHS, the impact long term and short term of the collaboration across hardware and software manufactures and solution providers during this seminal time.  The conversation also included the lessons they hoped will be maintained as all parties seek to maintain collaboration between NHS trusts, acute and government agencies to accelerate the benefits of technology to the NHS, clinicians, and all importantly to their end customer.

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