Striving for Customer Service Perfection

By Simon Moyes: Director of Technical Services at CAE

A personal goal of mine is for me and my team to provide customer service perfection. The reason for this is that it ensures that we create a customer centric environment, placing the customer at the core of everything we do. Whilst perfection is arguably unobtainable, it ensures that as a team we are always looking at ways we can do things better, we celebrate success absolutely, but we constantly look to achieve Customer Service Perfection.

What’s keeping me up at night?

I take my work home, shock right? But what is it that keeps me up at night? Is it worries about what is to come, is it stress? No – it is my desire to deliver perfection for our customers. I want my service operation to deliver perfection in every engagement that we have with our customers. I am continually thinking about ways in which we can transform our customer experience to deliver true Customer Service Perfection. Whether that be a change in a front end process in terms of how our customers directly experience the services we provide, a back end process that improves our agility to respond or a new service that assists the customer in regaining something as simple as time.

Some may say that perfection is nothing more than a pipe dream, but it is my belief that a desire for perfection, ensures that CAE continually delivers the best customer experience possible.