Moving away from an always-on culture whitepaper

Optimising your network services doesn't have to impact your business operations. You can maintain a fully functional network and retain full control, while reducing costs, energy and time by simply, powering down. 

Doing it Different: how WiserWatts from CAE Labs is decarbonising IT

Tens of millions of Cisco devices are online 24.7, when they simply don't need to be, but how do we develop a more energy-conscious way of working? As a technology organisation with a focus on innovation and sustainability, our innovators at CAE Labs were motivated to find a solution....

Here's what the eBook covers: CAE Labs icons_WiserWatts

  • How we are enabling organisations to decarbonise their IT
  • A real-life customer experience of utilising our solution; WiserWatts powered by CAE Labs
  • Understand the positive impact of powering off
  • How we are Doing it Different for a better future

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