How can digital preservation increase cost efficiency?

In this video series, we will be exploring the art of digital preservation in five simple steps to help you understand what you need to consider and how to start your digital preservation journey.

In part six of our video series, Mark Smith will be answering the common question we are asked:

How can digital preservation increase cost efficiency?

If your digital preservation journey includes the digitisation of analogue cultural or business assets of high value, cost efficiencies are immediate and obvious. Making high quality image, sound and video files available in the place of the real thing saves time and money in comparison to keeping paper files or artefacts easily accessible within a local warehouse or physical storage facility.

The scalable nature of centralised data storage makes adding increased capacity to your established system a much more affordable solution than purchasing additional storage to run alongside your current system. By integrating multiple data silos, the combined data can also be managed more efficiently, saving time and money.