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Are your backups sufficient to restore your critical business operations when needed?

You probably hear a lot about the importance of data backups. National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) guidanceCAE Labs icons_Assure recommends that you “make regular backups of your most important files – it will be different for every organisation – check that you know how to restore the files from the backup and regularly test that it is working as expected.”

Yet, when considering what their most important files are, many organisations overlook their cloud networking configuration and operational data.

Cloud networking backup is crucial for your business continuity. Without proper backups, rebuilding your configurations and devices can take days or even weeks. In the event of any downtime during service restoration, your business will experience lost revenue and reputational damage.

Bringing you More Good Days

To bring you More Good Days and avoid business disruption, this eBook provides you with best practice in cloud networking backup, and key metrics to consider when evaluating your restoration strategy.

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Here's what the eBook covers:

> Why is it essential to backup cloud networking & operational data?

> Rapid recovery depends on ensuring your backup data is complete

> Why do you need cloud networking backups?

> What is best practice when it comes to cloud networking backups?

> Backup and restore for Cisco Networking Cloud


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